It’s about choice!

Greetings to one and all on this, the first blog about decision-making! May you enjoy the messages and respond with good will.

Many of you are aware I have written a book, Becoming: the ordinary person’s road map to life’s big decisions. It is not about me. Nothing so vain! It’s more about understanding life’s context – historical or social – and how to make choices that are best for you.

Over a diverse and adaptive life I’ve been driven to continuous learning, gaining wisdom through the pain of experience. Sharing that wisdom may benefit others who are open to deeper understanding of themselves. Borrowing from poet Gerrard Manley Hopkins, wisdom, like the love of God, is available in so far as anyone wants to take advantage of it.

Two factors have influenced the book. Firstly, childhood in a large, poor, dysfunctional family meant that from an early age I found the only way forward was dealing honestly with the reality and working systematically for change. Sound the violins! No, it is not a sob story! No Angela’s Ashes!

Secondly, the manuscript was inspired when a wave of feminism raged in the seventies and eighties, disrupting for all time the social structure of the country.  It was challenging for a person like me, caught in the crossfire of transition with a family and yet underqualified for the changes in the workplace demanded by feminism. The challenge set me thinking.

Oscar Wilde said he made a living out of thinking twice a week. Don’t believe a living could be made out of this book of thoughts. However, the decision-making model developed through the process of writing the book is intended to help people make confident decisions, claim a healthy power over their own life and live harmoniously and productively to the end.

My appreciation goes to those who have expressed interest and joined the blog list. Bless you all for your good will. Feel free to share with others who may be interested or who stand to benefit.

Becoming is being prepared for publication and should be available in paperback and digital format soon. Along the way, expect pearls of wisdom to inspire your day.


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