The Great Reset

In every crisis, there is an opportunity. Image: Unsplash

A Biden victory in the USA may seem like a win for democracy, yet there are grave concerns for us all under his Green New Deal and The Great Reset as the pandemic is conflated with climate catastrophe.

The USA has elected a new President, Joe Biden, who ran for the Democratic Party on the slogan Build back better. Innocuous as the slogan may sound; it is drawn from corporate and bureaucratic elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and nation states (which all get together annually in Davos, Switzerland, for mutual preening). UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau are supporters of the agenda introduced by Prince Charles and driven by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF. Biden’s control of the White House, Congress and Senate in the US leaves the Democrat Party free to implement the WEF agenda under their multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal. What could there possibly be to worry about?

Take a look at the three main components published by WEF[i] and wonder:

  1. Steer the market toward fairer outcomes by tax, regulatory and fiscal policy (e.g. wealth taxes, withdrawal of fossil-fuel subsidies, new rules governing intellectual property, trade and competition).
  2. Ensure investments advance shared goals, such as equality and sustainability (e.g. building “green” urban infrastructure and creating incentives for industries to improve their track record on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics).
  3. Harness innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good by addressing health and social challenges (e.g. using forces of collaboration to deal with COVID to develop diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines; establishing testing centres, tracing mechanisms for infection and telemedicine).

To achieve a better outcome, says WEF, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

Futility of outcomes focus

Get the drift? The WEF agenda is focused on achieving common outcomes: i.e. driving the same outcomes for everyone in the world in the most socialist way. Pity these people don’t reflect on the scriptures to learn the lessons of old. I recall a couple of thousand years ago a bloke called Jesus told a parable about giving a few shekels each to a number of people. One buried theirs, another held onto it, another spent it and yet another invested it and made more shekels.

Predictably, then, as now, equality at the beginning ended with different outcomes, largely as a consequence of responsibility and initiative. We have to think seriously whether rewards should be equal at outcome. Should those who choose to do nothing share the rewards of those who have worked hard for theirs?

Joseph Stalin had a noble agenda aimed at outcomes similar to the WEF. We know how that turned out – tens of millions dead from starvation, slavery, brutality and control. Wary of pursuing the same socialist path, in two days 80,000 Canadians protested their PM Justin Trudeau signing up their country to the WEF agenda.

Check out the following to see if you recognise how Stalin’s creeds have already encroached on our society, to be rapidly advanced by adherence to the WEF agenda:

  • “Fascism is the bourgeoisie’s (middle class) fighting organisation that relies on the active support of Social-Democracy. Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. (Flawed bureaucratic control over our lives has expanded exponentially over COVID and climate change through dictatorial regulations and punitive measures).
  • The proletariat (workers) must rise and launch a determined attack upon the bourgeoisie in order to destroy capitalism to its foundations. (Act of faith for the unions).
  • The press must grow day in and day out; it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon. (In the US election big tech and mainstream media were effective in suppressing information harmful to the election of Democrats leader Joe Biden and were constantly hostile, misrepresenting anything Trump said and did).

George Orwell, ever prescient, many years ago had observed “little evidence that the USSR was progressing towards anything that one could truly call Socialism. On the contrary, I was struck by clear signs of its transformation into a hierarchical society, in which the rulers have no more reason to give up their power than any other ruling class.”

Schwab and other elites are more likely to give us rules than give up power. A hindsight view of history reveals the propensity for ever tighter bureaucratic controls and policing when dictatorial regulations are enforced, as demonstrated in Victoria and in different levels in other states under the cover of COVID management. Both the Bolsheviks in Russia and the Nazis in Germany very quickly instituted secret police forces to carry out their dictates, in betrayal of the people for whom such major social changes were ostensibly instituted.

All Stalin’s death and destruction in a fruitless search for equality of outcomes should be a reminder to Charles Schwab that the destruction of capitalism, however subtle, will be costly. Even a ‘noble’ agenda for some kind of global collaborative utopia where every country and corporation bends to the resolution of crises conflating pandemic and global warming in a Great Reset is doomed to disruption and failure. People value freedom.

Of course, it will not be Schwab, Prince Charles, global corporate CEOs or Justin Trudeau who will be affected. We are not “all in this together as the COVID mantra falsely echoed. It is the ordinary middle class aspirational families having a crack who have been, and will be, most affected who will bear the pain and the cost. Just as Stalin would wish!

Filling the emptiness

Author, war veteran and war journalist George Orwell’s prescience well describes prevailing social conditions today: Whoever tries to imagine perfection simply reveals his own emptiness.

Many seeking to save the world may be as empty as Stalin: beaten by his parents, a marked face, damaged arm and unimpressive stature, zealously asserted power to compensate.

Driving the religious fears of catastrophe (e.g. climate change, COVID, Great Barrier Reef destruction, etc.) and ‘moral’ social imperatives (e.g. Black Lives Matter, colonialism, gender fluidity, equity, multi-culturalism, open borders) forces compliance, at the same time as restricting freedom of speech, movement, business and the faith of others. Measured against my Maturity Model (outlined in my book Becoming), such unrealistic expectations are unsustainable, leading to personal, social and economic fragmentation.

New religious cults have their inflexible beliefs, mantras, chants, champions and child prophets. They thrive on emotion, especially fear, which can be thrilling. Keeps the blood pumping! Commitment of time and money to the cause fills the interior void vacated by former beliefs. Judgement for denialists is brutal and final, warranting cancelling, de-platforming, violence and loss of employment without access to forgiveness or redress. Nothing less than uniform perfection in beliefs is demanded of all. Few realise how their good intentions are being manipulated by national and international operators. For instance, the BLM movement is driven by Marxists.

An absence of truth and justice colours the new religious creeds, thereby missing the essential element for building a sustainable future. Neither do they appear to have knowledge or appreciation of history that could inform intelligent action. It is as if nothing has been learned from the 100 million brutal deaths of the 20th century resulting from dictators (Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot). Yet global elites like Schwab seek to repeat patterns of control, global control, through the Great Reset. Lofty as WEF ambitions may be, no guarantees are offered that centralised global control of the way we operate will end any differently from previous efforts at world domination.

How will we know?

The pot of socialist change has been warming for some years and we are beginning to feel the heat, recognised in:

  • Decline in free speech, especially in Universities deferring to China, punitive measures on political correctness on race, gender and faith. Remember cartoonist Bill Leake being hauled before the Human Rights Commission for an accurate depiction of serious Aboriginal issues; Israel Folau, Australia’s best rugby player, being sacked for posting articles of faith on his private social media; and Archbishop Porteous having to front court for publishing a letter about Christian marriage to his parishioners.
  • Climate change dogmas, permeating all levels of education, media and government, brooking no alternative point of view, even those based on facts. Our power bills have gone up by a factor of three to fund unreliable, unrecyclable “renewables”; over $3b/year subsidies are paid for renewable investment and $10b tipped into the climate gravy train to encourage new technologies. No new power stations are approved. Fancifully, we are expected to get by with batteries that again require much despised mining to produce inputs.
  • At the same time, alternative opinions are stymied: Prof Bob Carter was bothered to death and Prof Peter Ridd sacked from James Cook University for challenging prevailing beliefs about research claiming damage to the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s big banks will no longer finance coal mine developments, our major export, and the Queensland government stalls approvals for mines and associated infrastructure on green law fare, leading to loss of industry and jobs.
  • Demands for open borders, immediate settlement and privileges for illegal arrivals, activist judges and administrative boards and access to extensive legal process and health care (increased costs and social disruption).
  • Failure of education when 30% of children are illiterate after years of an education focused on climate change, evils of colonialism, gender fluidity; when children can barely string an intelligent sentence together, our society is being undermined from within, by the bureaucratic and union elites who dominate the education system.
  • Colonisation dogmas also permeate all levels of education, media and government to the exclusion of factual history of Australia and pride in achievements. Victimhood of Indigenous people without responsibility is a tenet of the ideology, parallel with the unmitigated evil of white supremist colonisers. No account is taken of the inevitability of white settlement or the benefits accruing to Indigenous from which many Aboriginals attain prominence, achievement and prospects, especially in sport and the arts. Still, annually debate is raised about whether to celebrate Australia Day, changing the flag and the national anthem. Never mind the dozens of days and weeks each year committed to recognising the first people, acknowledged at every public function and the $35b annually invested in their advancement. Without an end to demands and even a smidgen of gratitude, “sorry” fatigue begins to set in.  
  • Gender diversity is the area where facts elude policy elites. No longer male or female, husband or wife, boy or girl, but some chosen pronoun. Facts of life for the majority are subjugated to the small percentage of LGTQ+ people, who deserve inclusion but not domination of all. Ready offense pressures political correctness.
  • Racial discrimination is spectacularly disproportionate in a country like ours that has become a melting pot of races from all corners of the globe. Everyone is equal before the law. Pride of sensitivity reigns in a dominion of offence.
  • Freedom of religion, especially Christian religions, is under attack from many sectors, especially the media, either ignorant or contemptuous of the contribution of Judeo-Christian traditions to the evolution of our free and just society, however imperfect. Currently we are living off the fat of those traditions without reinvesting. Social decline seems inevitable and it is unlikely Charles Schwab can save us, or even wants to.

The common theme of all these points warming us frogs in the pot is the righteous hatred and destruction exerted towards non-believers to achieve conformity very much in Stalin’s style. Hatred, even in righteous causes, is a multiplier, especially when fanned by social media. At its end may be self-destruction, as described by Jordan Peterson in his book Twelve Rules, reviewing the lifetime pursuit of green ideals by his friend who ended up committing suicide.

Likewise, love is a multiplier that blossoms when showered by freedoms – of speech, movement, learning and faith. Daily we are being challenged to choose a pathway, not just for ourselves, which is important; also for our families, communities and country. Be aware!

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. George Orwell.

[i] Now is the time for a ‘great reset’ of capitalism | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

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