Vaccine for Peak Stupid

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The further from main purpose, the more stupid and detrimental policies become, not just in COVID, but also in environment, defence, education and health. Furthermore, hard won tax payer dollars invested in stupidity driven by political advantage fund increasing numbers of public servants to control we the people, whether we like it or not, in a giant make-work scheme.

Older persons’ friend

We are all going to die. Pneumonia has long been known as the old person’s friend for hastening the end of life. Better that than languishing in extremely diminished condition or in the increasing oblivion of dementia. Given that on average we live 30-40 years longer than our forebears did merely a little over a century ago, a healthy attitude would find us making the most of additional time of life. Many do. Good grace accepts the inevitable. Be sad. Be grateful.

As known early in 2020, COVID mainly affects the very elderly, especially those with co-morbidities: obesity, heart conditions, diabetes and the immune compromised (the medical miracles). Like pneumonia, COVID can bring a swift, if unpleasant, end to suffering. Even so, peak stupid failed to protect the elderly adequately with quarantine and staff controls. Yet the average age of deaths was 82 years. Sad, yes, but inevitable. Every life passed should be mourned.

At the same time, the same peak stupid locked up everyone else repeatedly for weeks and months, disrupting and destroying businesses, jobs, livelihoods, education, families, travel, vacations and the simple pleasure of walking in the sun in the open air. Except for politicians and public servants who increased in number and remuneration like amoeba, while so many others went to the wall.

“Flattening the curve” to prepare hospitals and PPE for anticipated numbers of infected that failed to materialise, morphed into seemingly endless, erratic lockdowns and unpredictable openings. Politicians hid behind Chief Health Officers daily to milk whatever political advantage was to be had from sticking up for “their” State, saving “their” people. Oh please! Spare us! Political advantage masking peak stupid!

Nothing will change until we people rebel against the loss of freedoms deferring to central socialist control for indiscernible benefit.

Note: I am in the “at risk” elderly category, am vaccinated, wash my hands, wear a mask and have duly, if unwillingly, abided by government diktats.

Climate catastrophe

The thirty year evolution of the global climate catastrophe industry of wealth transference is perhaps the ultimate “naked emperor” of peak stupid in the current era. And it is pursued without shame! Trillions of dollars invested in this farce have ignited enthusiasm faster than a 100mw/m bushfire and as uncontrollable. Posturing Europeans now seek to impose restrictions on imports from countries not abiding by (their) standards of CO2 reductions. Global financiers withhold funding for development unless climate obligations are met.

My own early experience of the (then) Australian Greenhouse office began in 2000 when the AGO was seeking to go full renewables. At the time I was working with a scientist to reduce fuel costs and emissions from coal fired power. That push for renewables was an impossible farce evident from the beginning. So it has proven peak stupid, based on emotions, failed forecasts, facts ignored and faith in the new gods seriously misplaced. Not to mention the opportunity costs of demolition of base load power, failure to allow construction of new power stations, disallowance of nuclear energy development, all contributing to the loss of manufacturing capability and production, weakening this country immeasurably for no benefit. Green lies have made us vulnerable.

Take failed forecasts by such eminent persons who’ve cashed in on the scam, including, but not limited to: Tim Flannery, John Kerry, Prince Charles, the IPCC, Greta Thunberg and Bob Brown. Collectively, with the regular catastrophists, their predictions of the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, sinking of Pacific Islands, the death of polar bears, loss of glaciers and polar ice have all failed! Repeatedly! It is beyond peak stupid that we remain under capture to this folly, politically and financially.

Facts are ignored in this catastrophe frolic, regardless how thrilling impassioned fear may be. My lay understanding is that presence in the atmosphere of the big bogey man (can I say man?) of essential plant food CO2 is a mere 4%, of which 3% is estimated to be human induced. Australia’s contribution is said to be 1.3% of the 3%, which equals 0.00039. Use your calculator to check it yourself. Given the facts, why are we chasing down the wombat hole of unsustainable renewables, which still rely on despised mining to produce, and which destroy the ecology, while presenting the yet unresolved problem of how to recycle or dispose as they pass their use by date all too soon. Peak stupid indeed!

A double vaccination of facts and common sense (with a back bone booster) would see new HELE coal fired power stations built around Australia (as is happening at speed around the world using our coal), nuclear energy approved, and the Iron Boomerang project built. Iron in the Pilbara would link with coalfields of central Queensland, manufacturing steel both ends for export instead of importing from China.

Doing so would lift our vision from fear to aspiration, even excitement. Surely better than the stupidity of trying to stop cows from farting.


Peak stupid is spending defence budget on political pursuits rather than national protection. Nevertheless, shoring up Christopher Pyne’s seat in South Australia took precedence over the country’s need for an early, ready, suitable, affordable submarine fleet. Pyne was gone from politics before the submarine project was launched. All we’ve reaped is an over-sized Chinese embassy within touch of submarine operations. Injecting pragmatism, Australia needs to revisit the submarine contract now shamefully over cost and interminably delayed. In the meantime, two Chinese warships hover on the Great Barrier Reef just outside our economic zone monitoring joint military exercises.

Education or Indoctrination

Protecting children by keeping them locked down, out of school without face-to-face learning, social contact, sport or activity has had a very damaging impact on child wellbeing, not to mention our education standards already in decline internationally. All the time it has been well known that children are less likely to be affected by COVID, yet lockdowns, masks and sanitising have continued the theatre of alarmism, even with vaccination.

Notwithstanding declining standards, education unions and bureaucrats seek infiltration of literacy and numeracy learning with indoctrination with falsehoods on gender fluidity, colonisation, critical race theory and climate catastrophe. Peak stupid! Unless, of course, these policies are a deliberate part of the broader elitist socialist strategy, capturing children’s minds on the way to destruction of family, faith and freedom I noted permeating over 40 years ago.

Evidence from the petri dish of communist experiments show poverty, brutal control, imprisonment, torture, starvation and death awaits socialist enthusiasts, as people in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia and China will attest. Yeonmi Park, who escaped North Korea, describes in detail just how brutal life is in that country in her book In Order to Live. But don’t let facts get in the way of emotional thrall of a peak stupid indoctrination message. Only a double jab sand blasting injection of facts and good sense can cure. “Liberdad!” (Freedom!) is the cry from long  suffering Cubans.

Peak stupid pervades

Peak stupid raises destructive force everywhere, to weaken us educationally, economically and defensively: in the purge of history, books and statues of western civilisation; in capture by activist socialist media; in inflated bureaucracies at home and internationally seeking control of our lives, where and how we live, eat, learn and play; in academia constraining free speech with cancel culture deferring to China; in the tech oligarchs, who, like so many uber-wealthy people, believe they are smarter than we are and should control what we hear or see, and tell us what to believe. How dumb is that!

Our future depends on being aware of the risks and marshalling the courage to take the cure: vaccination with facts and common sense.

6 thoughts on “Vaccine for Peak Stupid

  1. Marjorie Ward

    Could not agree more Paula, where would we be if it were not for vaccines.I can’t believe the hesitancy.We oldies need to free up our young ones from this as you say OTT response, any one of us could get the flu anyway and no one would know the difference. We need to take care ourselves as far as it is possible.Hope you are well Regards Midge
    Where do we find this magic cure all stupidity vaccine?

    • paulacollinsblog

      Thanks Midge for reading and supporting the intent of the message. Only way is for (older) people of good sense to speak up more loudly and effectively to promote facts over emotion. Feelings these days have been given higher priority than facts. As it takes courage to deal with facts, courage is something else seemingly in short supply. We’ve moved too high up on Mazlow’s hierarchy.

  2. Wendy Rutherford

    I really enjoyed reading this Paula, some of what you say I agree with, some not so much! We live in a very individualistic society, we are taught from a very young age that our wants and needs should be based around ‘us’ our family and us as individuals. Community is no more. We are encouraged to not care about our neighbour.
    The more we want (clothes, cars, perfect faces etc) the less we care about others. Our society breeds us to not be bothered about our neighbour unless they have something better than us.
    I agree that there was peak stupid to a degree. Initially a complete lockdown worked. Well it worked where people believed in their leaders and did as they were told. It was never going to work when your leader is an idiot. ‘Inject yourself with bleach everybody simple.’
    Long term lockdowns will not work because people think what they want (driven by the media) is more important than their community and they go out meet their friends and then Dave goes off to visit his poor old mum and she’s dead in a fortnight because he’s a silent carrier and knows sweet fa about epidemiology and thinks it’s all good. Yeah she might not contribute to society but she did once. Dave has put his needs first SHOCK! That’s what he’s been taught all his bloody life.
    So initially we all do ‘our best’ we work together to stay apart and their is a bit of community spirit and we clap for our health workers. Then it all gets boring ‘I want my Botox my face is melting’
    Basically I think we should all care more for each other not less. I’m a nurse and I don’t want anyone to die apart from really stupid people!

  3. paulacollinsblog

    Really appreciate your considered response Wendy in the best interests of debate. Also believe we have become too self-indulgent, which has made us less resilient. Good fuel for our chat next week.

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