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Naked volunteers lie on Aletsch glacier, posing for photographer Spencer Tunick as part of an environmental campaign about global warming, on August 18, 2007. The campaign organized by Greenpeace 

On reflection, we can all probably recall incidents when, out of the blue, we have been put on the back foot by accusations made against us, often without basis. Our mind is sent reeling, as we try to make sense of what has been alleged. We are distracted from the thread of discussion and often from life.

Public Service distraction

One incident occurred while I was convening a major project for two government departments. As happens in the public service, leadership of the initiative had been transferred to another who tried to undermine the work. When I called a meeting with both leaders to clear the air and keep the project on track, it was confirmed the objectives jointly set were being met well. Out of the blue one of the leaders then accused me of being unkind to his PA. The accusation sent me reeling to find what could possibly be interpreted as unkindness to a person whom I had made particular effort to support, encourage and affirm.

It was all a lie of course. The PA in question was extremely distressed at having been used as a pawn in the public sector power game in order to regain supreme authority. Against my grain I could no longer afford to have anything to do with her. The leaders continued to undermine the project, which ended up being a major success, for which they took credit. Underlying their malevolence was the public service arse-covering technique of betting each way: success would be to their credit; a failure would be mine.

Family relationships distraction

When mutual humility and honesty would benefit, too often a relationship can be soured by false accusation aimed at asserting domination. “Isolate, humiliate, dominate” is the technique used maintain power over another, to win favour, assets and control, especially in dealings with the Family Court. Sins of youth raised to discolour the character of one party, judged under present norms, invariably shade character failings of the accuser. Family Court courtesans are willing parties in this dance of distraction for destruction – their careers and fortune depend on it.

Green distraction

Greens and Labor pride themselves on their environmental credentials enough to lord over others their moral superiority. Mostly Green policies involve demanding action imposing costs on someone else. Yet any sensible steps taken to ensure sustainability are never enough. Emotion rules, not fact. Emotion wins disciples, funds and publicity from a left wing media mouthpiece, regardless of the cost to others.

Brand morality assured, Greens and Labor are free to distract from the hollowness of their demands by destroying the value of the efforts of others. Who would know of the tremendous efforts farmers make to conserve their vegetation, soils, creeks and livelihoods when Greens and Labor forever damn them? Who would know about the funds, research and commercial efforts invested to conserve the integrity of the Great Barrier Reef, the poster icon for every global warming/climate change catastrophe claim? Who would know of the 200 year positive impact that cheap coal fired energy has had on creating prosperity, bringing billions of people out of poverty,?

Constant public disparagement of major positive efforts and outcomes distracts from malevolence of accusers. Under cover of the great climate scam, nothing less than de-industrialisation and the destruction of capitalism is sought by the Green acolytes, reordering of society as spelled out as utopia in The Great Reset by Charles Schwab, for a world to be run by unelected bureaucrats. Eliminating energy that has helped so much of the world out of poverty in favour of unreliable, unsustainable renewables is a distraction as we are taken back to poverty.

COP26 Glasgow

Every year around 25,000 emperors gather some place in the world to bolster confidence in their global warming nakedness like a Spencer Tunick photograph (picture), as they rail against the ordinary people trying to make a living. Glasgow was this year blessed with emissions from 400 private jets, as well as taxpayer funded flights, accommodation and entertainment.

Predictably, Australia was pilloried for not doing enough to change the climate or save the Great Barrier Reef, despite being one of only a few countries to meet our Kyoto carbon dioxide abatement commitments for 2030. Unjustly demanding more from Australia for this scam to show they are doing something (look over there!), distracts from their own destructive hypocrisy being exercised in the great global corruption and wealth transference scheme. 

Political distraction

With a federal election and Victorian and South Australian state elections due in the next twelve months, we can almost be assured of more of the “look over there” tactics that have proven successful in scaring people into voting one way or another. Take Labor’s 2016 “Mediscare” campaign, using unauthorised Medicare branding to claim the Coalition planned to abolish Medicare. That almost won Labor the election. Or cast a stern eye over the Greens’ constant loud, scary denigration of Coalition efforts to conserve the environment. Greens actually do little for the environment while pursuing destruction of the economy. Look over there! Their tactics work: we are always on the back foot. For change to occur we need to step boldly on the front foot to show a spotlight on the destructive ‘Green’ practices.

As election campaigning cranks up, it would be wise to cast a keen eye over any policies inciting fear. We know fear works. How else would so many have been so compliant over COVID lockdowns. Watch for lies. Dishonesty is inherent in any “look over there” tactics. Examine more closely the organisation making the claims.

China is the greatest proponent of “look over there” tactics, accusing Australia of warmongering, while it builds and equips the largest military on earth and illegally takes over the South China Sea, Tibet, LAC area of India, Hong Kong, and now threatens Taiwan. The tactic is the same disingenuous game, intended to stir fear, incite submission.

Power of Truth

Often I speak of truth/facts being the only basis on which we can move forward together. Truth is an essential component of my Maturity Model for decision making. Courage is needed to reveal truth: that is why lies roll so easily from the tongue of the malevolent. Social and financial disintegration ensues.

In a recent weekly column in The Australian, prominent international economist Henry Ergas wrote eloquently about lies:

Tacitius, one of Rome’s greatest historians, once wrote, unforgettably, that peoples are never more surely enslaved than by the lies of which they are themselves the authors.

With historical objectivity everywhere in retreat, today’s lies about the past can only fuel tomorrow’s nightmares.

Lies, often repeated, like Greens’ “look over there” tactics, become enslaving beliefs, unless tackled with truth and courage from a position of strength. Are we up for the challenge?

Johannes Leake, The Australian

2 thoughts on “Look over there!

  1. Kay Fuller

    Very good advice to keep a keen eye on policies inciting fear – we can see that playing out on a global scale daily. Love the cartoon – probably be removed from Facebook for that – don,t think a sense of humour is allowed by the virtue signallers

  2. paulacollinsblog

    Thanks for the comment, Kay. The cartoon by brilliant cartoonist Johannes Leake was published in The Australian, the widest circulation national newspaper, so not certain how much impact Facebook would have. You’re right about the absence of a sense of humour amongst virtue signallers. Humour puts things in perspective and diminishes power.

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