Wealth and Power

Nobody and nothing is perfect. Yet many who’ve grown wealthy risking and taking initiative, stepping up, working hard to win, can be dismissive of the value intelligence of others not so financially blessed, especially in matters affecting their own lives.

We’re every ready to applaud achievements of the wealthy, especially when benefits accrue to the population at large.

Perhaps like me, you’ve been looked down on as stupid because you haven’t attained the same grand wealth of those who’ve reached the pinnacle, joined the club of global elites to bask in mutual congratulatory warmth, well above the fray. With a little humility, other factors like timing, good luck and personal supports could be recognised as contributing to success, not just their own efforts.

It’s worth having a look at what a few wealthy people have done with their excess money, over and above attending to essentials.

In Australia

Australia has a handful of people who’ve grown wealthy on the back of digging up minerals for export, primarily to satisfy China’s insatiable demand. Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, sponsors Olympic swimmers and rowers to encourage them to do their best. Others don the God complex to save the country and the world from Climate Change, the taxpayer subsidised scam.

Twiggy Forrest seems an affable sort of guy who has been particularly generous in supporting Indigenous training, employment and business development. His business and charitable pursuits have been lauded at home and abroad. So much so he’s been able to grease a smooth path through the corridors of global power to push his green hydrogen initiative tapping nobly into the ‘renewables’ gravy train as a glorious saviour of the planet.

Twiggy claims $A9.2 billion investment over four years will complete decarbonisation of the company’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030.

Hydrogen’s natural abundance and carbon-free combustibility have made it the holy grail of clean fuels for decades. But while it is the most common element in the universe, it is highly unstable, and left to its own devices always bonds to other elements. Getting hold of it in its pure, useful form is labour- and resource-intensive and expensive, especially if you want to do it with zero emissions.

Forrest faces at least three huge cost challenges: making hydrogen cheaply using renewably-generated electricity; storing it cheaply and safely; and exporting it. The challenge is to make green hydrogen cheaper to produce, store and transport than key competitor fuels or energy stores, such as coking coal, natural gas and lithium-ion batteries.

Whereas traditionally scientists would develop a test model to prove the technology before expanding into production, Twiggy is going the whole hog straight up. Taxpayers struggling to get over COVID to build or rent a home will be expected to subsidise yet another unproven CC frolic.

Nobody is perfect.

Simon Holmes a Court directed the power of his inherited wealth to political interests and “renewables”’, funding a dozen or so Teal candidates to run against Coalition candidates pushing the CC agenda. Not only were candidates to unseat his adversaries, they would push through parliament extreme “renewables” policies to benefit his green investments. Holmes a Court used a female front to save the country and the world. How noble!


George Soros, an Hungarian who escaped to London in 1944, made his $billions as an investor buying and selling English pounds, to break the Bank of England. Through $32 billion invested in his Open Society Foundations he has funded such worthy causes as academic scholarships to South Africans under apartheid and students from Eastern bloc countries to develop broader thinking of different governance systems.

More recently, funding has been directed at undermining the legal integrity of governance in the USA.  By funding 300 left wing Attorneys General who introduced no cash bail practices that allows thefts, injury and murders to be waved through the courts, keeps criminals out of prison. No consideration is afforded the victims. As a result, tax-paying residents are inconvenienced as shops and large chain retail outlets close in these Sanctuary Cities. Crime, homelessness and drugs have increased inordinately, making living there unsafe and unpleasant.

At time of writing Soros’ foundation is funding legal action on behalf of the 50 illegal immigrants that Governor Ron de Santis of Florida flew to the exclusive compound of Martha’s Vineyard to highlight the difficult plight of Border States dealing with President Biden’s open borders policy.

Bill Gates: One would think that a person of over $100 billion wealth and much awarded globally for both his technological development in computing and charitable endeavours of the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation financing the dissemination of life saving vaccines around the world, would give pause and thanks. Yet success and awards tend to feed omnipotence.

Not satisfied with granting the world with computing technology at our cost, Bill joined the Great Reset of the WEF (World Economic Forum) bringing green socialism to the world, where we’ll own nothing and be happy. The irony of denying to plebs the very capitalist system that facilitated Gates’ vast fortune is not lost on me, even though it will be deemed honourable, saving the planet.

Gates’ idle capital has recently been active in pursuits that will affect us mightily:

  • Tracking our behaviours by embedded chips, to be controlled by whom? Him? On some CCP socialist credit system, as promoted at the WEF in Davos;
  • Promoting insects and artificial food as suitable nutrition instead of meat, deemed contributing to CC;
  • Investing in media and communications such as the BBC to control the narrative. Having a vaccine-injured support group silenced on social media is beyond unconscionable;
  •  Buying up vast tracts of productive land that will affect food security.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame, like his counterpart Jack Dorsey of Twitter, has also applied his wealth by exercising influence into the political arena beyond his original success. Each sought to change the balance of the 2020 USA election by banning President Trump from their carriage services. Zuckerberg also now admits to conspiring with the FBI to hide the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop holding evidence of the Biden family’s corruption. Exposure would have changed the voting pattern of many who favoured Democrats. Algorithms filtered, cancelled and banned any who posed a view alternative to Biden or supportive of Trump.

Through his charitable foundations, for the 2020 USA election Zuckerberg invested $400 million in vote harvesting in six critical states to swing the election to Biden and the Democrats.

Well, Zuckerberg’s wealth and power, through the manipulation allowing Biden to become President has cost dearly the USA, the world and ordinary individuals like us, in failed governance, foolish green policies to address the fantasy of CC, international disruption from the war in Ukraine, threats from emboldened China, North Korea and Iran, the rising cost of fuel and inflation, and the almost total breakdown of borders, law and order. What a return on investment of a mere corrupt $400m.

Analysis of each of those mentioned shows that attainment of great wealth delivering something worthwhile lends to notions of omnipotence, exercise of God-like power beyond scope and contempt for people like us. Although nobody is perfect, no wonder it’s hard to fit through the eye of a needle.

For us

Our ideas matter, especially when well informed. Emotion should not rule on matters of climate change. Facts are: there is no appreciable change in climate. Natural disasters are in decline, polar ice is stable and polar bears flourishing, the Great Barrier Reef is in robust good health. We should all continue to be mindful of caring for the environment, yet alert to the CC scams that suck money from taxpayers, increase the cost of energy and leave our energy and national security vulnerable.

Our opinions and votes matter if our country is to regain control over productivity, merit and reward for effort. A conversation, an email, a letter is our responsibility for addressing the excesses of wealth and power that diminish our value and relevance. We count.

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  1. David

    Well balanced platform of truth regarding the reality of concentrations of wealth. The complicity of government and the morality of government running itself as a business is in part what has allowed this mid Fortune.

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