I Decide is a self-paced course that builds participant
confidence and competence in decision-making over
21 units.
The course has been prepared for study in conjunction
with my book Becoming: the ordinary person’s road
map to life’s big decisions.
The step up to confident decision-making is made by
guided self-reflection so that individuals are empowered
take charge of their own life and circumstances.
Firstly, the participant is asked to consider the context
of their life, factors which have coloured decisions and
habits to date, and the changes that have occurred impelling
fresh approaches. Understanding the context
and changes is critical to making quality decisions.
Styles of choice
Secondly, exploration of styles of decision-making developed
by experts to use in their respective sectors is
examined for how their ideas may help the participant’s
decision-making style.
Critical elements
Thirdly, elements are explored that underpin sound
choice on which to build an empowered life – elements
such as honesty, courage, pride and expectation.
The Maturity Model
My Maturity Model for decision-making encapsulates
all components. Understanding the Maturity Model
and how to apply the model to individual circumstances,
situations, relationships and policies at critical
life stages nudges the participant forward to personal
Applying the Maturity Model to life challenges
Every life stage – from childhood, adolescence, young
adulthood, family establishment, midlife and ageing –
presents tasks, responsibilities and changes to which
we need to adapt. Each stage is explored in some
depth as the participant is encouraged to use the Maturity
Model to advance in competence and confidence
in the present moment, as a platform for building
harmony, productivity and unity in all future challenges.
Workplace decisions
As much of our life is spent at work, decisions made,
or not made, in the workplace influence our health,
wellbeing and happiness on the job, overflowing to
other facets of our life. Applying the Maturity Model
to challenges arising, empowers workers and employers
to higher levels of harmony and productivity.

21 Day Decision Mastery Program: Smarter decisions – better
Day 1: Life builds on history: know and understand yours 15
Day 2: Avoiding decision paralysis 19
Day 3: Understand the context 23
Day 4: Do you have the goods? 27
Day 5: Pride goes before bad decisions 31
Day 6: What do you expect? 35
Day 7: What is expected of you? 37
Day 8: Carrying your share: Responsibilities 39
Day 9: Different ways to make better decisions, reduce errors and
harm 43
Day 10: Mastering the Maturity Model 47
Day 11: Striving for balance: Maturity Model (2) 51
Day 12: When Choices Shrink: Maturity Model (3) 55
Day 13: Managing out of the unsustainable 59
Day 14: Mastering transition to family 63
Day 15: Making straight the way 69
Day 16: Mastering adulthood 77
Day 17: Mastering midlife transition 85
Day 18: Women’s changing role 91
Day 19: Mastering new ageing 97
Day 20: Value and virtue of maturity 103
Day 21: Mastering workplace decisions 107

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