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A life based around the integration of wisdom and experience prompted me to write Becoming and develop the Maturity Model.

As a deep thinking person, who’s faced the changes in circumstances over life, I wondered if there wasn’t a straightforward way for ordinary people to navigate life’s challenges.

My own experience of transitioning from modest circumstances to marriage, raising five children, widowhood, a second career in industry, and life as a grandparent – led me to feel that others must struggle with the same challenges I do.

Reflection led me to believe there must be a better way.

This is how Becoming and the Maturity Model came about.

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What’s the Maturity Model?

The Maturity Model empowers people to become experts in their own life.

Giving them the ability to self-assess situations, relationships, practices or policies, it is a simple tool that can be used for many l life decisions.

Using the Maturity Model, ordinary people come to understand how expectations affect their life responsibilities, choice and outcomes.

The result?

They gain confidence in making decisions to take charge of their own life, regardless of external messages that conflict with their reality. They, rather than external influences, decide what is virtue in their lives and stand to gain social and economic benefits.

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