Every person on the planet faces the challenge of accessing timely wisdom and insight to life’s big decisions. Few of us get it right first time; or even after many times.

Collins1707270048-Edit-3Becoming is for people who, individually or in relationships, are:

  • Expecting or have a family
  • Experiencing adolescence
  • Struggling with young adulthood
  • Becoming confused with midlife
  • Adjusting to growing older

With the benefit of more than seven decades experience, and galvanised by some of life’s toughest challenges, I am pleased to share my thinking around the navigation of a clear road to a confident life through intelligent decision making.

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Why Becoming?

I first penned Becoming more than three decades ago, drawing from my own wisdom, experience and interest in family and policy.

As a community leader during the 70s and 80s, I was concerned about the effect of government policy on families. In particular, feminists’ contempt and penalties for people who chose to care for their own children, aimed at forcing women into the workforce leaving government caring for children. This led me to forge a different path.

My interest in policy was maintained after graduating with a bachelor degree in commerce as a mature student. I helped numerous organisations to realise their commercial ambitions, working with leading edge science, high tech and environment, Indigenous and non-profit organisations across sectors, guiding them through challenges with clearer decision making.

My original vision for Becoming has remained unwavering: for ordinary people to have access to tools for negotiating the many rapid changes in circumstances over life. With the challenge now even greater for people, the publication of Becoming could not be more timely.

While my interests remain policy and family driven, having served most recently as editor of the Policy Grab newsletter and Dialogue magazine produced by the LNP in Queensland, I enjoy my garden, I am a keen follower of rugby at all levels, and one day hope the Wallabies will make good.

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