Money and Sanctimony

Fragments of wind turbine blades await burial at the Casper Regional Landfill in Wyoming.Photographer: Benjamin Rasmussen for Bloomberg Green

Tech oligarchs have become uber-wealthy in the internet era as platform technology enables seamless reach into global audiences to reap rich returns.

Yet financial success depends on a number of factors, only one of which is personal smarts. Others are: timing, luck, other people’s ideas purloined and prior technical platforms. Questionable origins shadow Microsoft and Facebook as well as acquisitions. Legal challenge against tech giants appears insurmountable, as the innovator of what has become Google maps discovered.

Under prevailing values attainment of uber-wealth, by bequest or smarts, elevates a person to an elite level of prestige that is a multiplier of admiration and opportunity, where sins tend to be ignored or forgiven; few criticise. Favourable narrative prevails. Differing earns cancelling, ghosting, loss of job, reputation and personal threats. Just ask Trump.

Sanctimony of the moneyed  

With their income and assets often exceeding the GDP of many countries, oligarchs begin to wonder what to do with wealth they cannot possibly spend on themselves. More money and power attracts, especially when clothed in the virtue signalled by addressing climate change, “the great moral challenge of our times”.

Promoting and investing in “solutions” to climate change allows them to preen to the global elite at Davos World Economic Forum and at Glasgow COP 26 just how much good they are doing and how virtuous they are. Never mind that 400 private jets line the tarmac at the same time our energy bills increase at an accelerating rate to service their indulgence.

How often have we been told that the science of climate change is “settled”; yet any scientist of worth knows that the very basis of science is challenge to hypothesis, leading to deeper knowledge and greater innovation.

Science is never settled; only the acceptable political narrative is settled, as we found out about COVID as the lies, betrayals and cruelty become exposed.

Climate catastrophe is no different. Many wealthy people were sucked into the advertised Teal election narrative of real action on climate change by what leading journalist Janet Albrectson called posh thickos. For them an increase in the energy bill is of little consequence. Even Simon Holmes `a Court  investment of $200 million in the Teal campaign is small bikkies for a return in political power and revenue from the $20 billion gravy train of subsidies and incentives in renewables. As Queensland Senator Gerrard Rennick said, “I keep following the science and all I find is money”.

As a reality check:

  • The climate is always changing; whether humans are responsible for the minuscule levels of CO2 remains debatable. Even whether CO2 is responsible for climate change is debatable.
  • Climate change has become a cultish marketing ploy to marshal global control, sanctimony and money. Fear has driven evolution from greenhouse gas, to global warming, accelerating to climate change/crisis/catastrophe.
  • Renewables are only possible with despised mining, manufacture and transport and huge taxpayer subsidies: one windmill needs 300 tons concrete, 220 tons steel, lithium, cobalt and oil.
  • Lifespan of renewables is between 10-20 years despoiling landscape and ecology. No satisfactory disposal methods have yet been developed.
  • $billions in taxpayer subsidies for “renewables” expands as calls for further subsidies for transmission to the grid. Next will be subsidies for demolition and disposal.
  • South Australia, Europe, Great Britain and California are living examples that renewables are unreliable. Base load power (from coal, gas or nuclear) is essential for a 1st world economy to keep the lights on, affordable and making stuff.
  • Renewables are supposed to produce cheaper energy, yet have resulted in rapidly accelerating price rises on top of the double whammy of taxpayer subsidies. Paying twice for unreliable, expensive energy is not only foolish, but also a security risk.

Green Murder

Professor Ian Plimer, geologist, earth scientist and prolific author, has published a new book, Green Murder: a life sentence without parole. A blurb for the book explains the futility of pursuit of Net Zero:

It has never been shown that human emissions of the gas of life drive global warming. Large bodies of science that don’t fit the narrative have been ignored by IPCC, COP and self-interested scientists paid by taxpayers. A huge subsidised industry of intermittent unreliable wind and solar electricity has been created based on unsubstantiated science. The same hucksters now want subsidised hydrogen, costly inefficient EVs, subsidised mega-batteries and other horribly expensive tried and failed schemes to impoverish people, create unemployment, transfer wealth and enrich China. Germany, Texas, California and the UK had a glimpse of Net Zero with blackouts, astronomically high electricity costs and hundreds of deaths. We once had reliable cheap electricity and now that governments have gone green, we are heading for hard economic times.

In this book I charge the greens with murder. They murder humans who are kept in eternal poverty without coal-fired electricity. They support slavery and early deaths of black child miners. They murder forests and their wildlife by clear felling for mining and wind turbines. They murder forests and wildlife with their bushfire policies. They murder economies producing unemployment, hopelessness, collapse of communities, disrupted social cohesion and suicide.

They murder free speech and freedoms and their takeover of the education system has ended up in the murdering of the intellectual and economic future of young people. They terrify children into mental illness with their apocalyptic death cult lies and exaggerations. They try to divide a nation. They are hypocrites and such angry ignorant people should never touch other people’s money.
(or children, I would add).

The greens are guilty of murder. The sentence is life with no parole in a cave in the bush enjoying the benefits of Net Zero.

Sanctimony at our cost

People wanting to do the right thing sign up to support candidates touting they will save the world by buying into the climate catastrophe cult. Doubled energy bills for unreliable supply soon bring a reality check that the workers and poor cannot afford such a ridiculous frolic, while the sanctimonious wealthy bask in comfort, virtue and money.

Energy security is paramount to sovereign security, yet self-interest (money, virtue and political power) prevails:

  • Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian billionaire) bidding on AGL to hasten closing coal fired power generators, opening up vast solar farms and putting up the price of energy
  • Simon Holmes a Court funding the Teals to swing the election against sensible energy policies
  • Joe Biden shutting down the Keystone pipeline, leases, oil and gas and production that enabled the USA to be a self-sufficient net exporter; now begging rogue states for production – all move the population forcibly to “green energy”, while gas and food prices double.
  • Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook tipping $400million into vote harvesting to ensure his preferred candidate, Biden, got over the line, so he can feel good about saving the planet.
  • Bill Gates posturing at WEF Davos on control of global populations by unelected bureaucrats with surveillance algorithms under the proposed WHO pandemic control push
  • Jack Dorsey of Twitter, who cancelled the President of the USA and manipulated algorithms to influence an election, yet kept the Mullahs of Iran on his platform. A takeover bid by Elon Musk sent staff and the Twitterati into conniptions
  • Twiggy Forrest who has done a lot of good with his billions, gets carried away on “green hydrogen” requiring even more taxpayer subsidies to bring to realisation.

Good on these philanthro-capitalists who have made a fortune providing goods, service and employment. Globally they are recognised and richly rewarded. However, they have only one vote, same as us. Our knowledge and opinions, especially when well informed, are every bit as valuable as theirs.

Best if they stuck to their lane, listening more than pontificating, recognising the wisdom and rights of others. They are neither elected nor accountable.

Free and open debate is a better solution than cancelling, gaslighting and dismissing “deplorables”. Money breeds sanctimony rather than good sense.


Fit for Purpose

We’d all like to save money, make money, or have sufficient to live on comfortably. Amongst the many options available to us, one way to meaningful savings is having equipment, organisations and agencies fit for purpose – i.e. using them in the way intended for maximum efficiency, making sure they do their job. Regular review and maintenance contribute to smooth, useful operation.

Sometimes, though, over time, the purpose becomes clouded as new participants become involved forcing agendas in their own interest contrary to the original purpose. Many become disadvantaged, often at great cost. 

United Nations

The UN is a classic case of organisation no longer fit for purpose. Established in San Francisco on 26 June 1945 with 66 members, the organisation has grown to 193 today. The original charter to maintain peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet has been amended three times in 1963, 1965 and 1973.

Well, the peace and dignity objectives have been lost as China has weaselled its way into a position of power and influence, now heading four of the 15 principle agencies; membership of the Human Rights Commission; as well as holding a veto vote on the UN Security Council.

Russia, also a permanent member of the Security Council, operates counter to the UN objectives by supporting and defending the rogue Syrian regime and invading Ukraine, Chechnya and Georgia.

The UN appears powerless or unwilling to expel or deter Russia or China. So many decisions have become politicised against the west, probably because the West cares about maintaining reasonable world order. Blatant examples, all requiring great bureaucracies, global travel and useless reports are:

  • WHO’s reluctance to concede the pandemic originated in a Wuhan lab, causing millions of deaths worldwide, disrupting lives and economies, despite the basic principles of the right to health and well-being for all people, as outlined in the 1948 Constitution; adopted by the International Health Conference held in NY in 1946 and entered into force on 7 April 1948.
  • Preponderance of the UN General Assembly to adopt resolutions against Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East: 17 this year, compared with six for the rest of the world; law fare and war fare aimed directly at the right to existence of the Jewish state, indicating anti-Semitism that drove the Holocaust is alive and well at the UN;
  • Distorted findings of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) which consistently falsely condemns Australia for alleged mismanagement of the Great Barrier Reef; and
  • Total indulgence in the Climate Catastrophe cult.

In so many ways the UN demonstrates it is no longer fit for purpose: inability or unwillingness to reign in, deter or expel rogue states such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s treatment of Uighurs, Syria’s attacks on its own people; while making regular, useless rebukes to compliant states like Australia and Israel who pay their way.

Expansive growth of the gravy train of unaccountable bureaucracies attached to the Assemblies, Councils, Secretariats, Courts and working groups merely lengthens the distance between purpose and effectiveness. Time to cancel subscription to start collaboration between democracies.

Their ABC and other media

Their ABC runs parallel with the UN in loss of purpose. Refunded in the Budget for another $4.5b over the next four years, the ABC is no longer fit for purpose. In defiance of its Charter to provide unbiased news service to all Australians , the ABC runs as a Green/Left sheltered workshop, with very little of interest to over 90% of the population, who no longer tune in. Time to sell the ABC off to the staff to indulge their interests at own cost. 

Similarly other media and social media have become partisan activists rather than their intended purpose as purveyors of news. Take the contemptuous treatment of Donald Trump for years over the false Russian collusion hoax that plagued his presidency, shielding the Biden laptop story from news until now, when the election is over and the Biden family corruption is being laid bare; and the cancelling of Trump from Twitter, Facebook and other social media, while the Mullahs of Iran and CCP are OK. People are waking up to the betrayal and exiting the media. Share prices are in decline.

Woke Corporations

Corporations these days are mostly owned by shareholders who expect management to maximise returns while responsibly complying with accepted community social standards. Management under capture of The Great Reset defer not to shareholder value, but preen amongst global elites indulging in useless virtue signalling on Climate Catastrophism, intersectionality on race, gender, political correctness, conspicuous compassion or political interest. Never mind facts!

Even as I write, Disney has expressed outrage at Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill which precludes Transgender sexual indoctrination of children Pre-K to Year 3 (4-8 year olds). Reasonable most people would think. Parents don’t want their children sexualised (groomed) at such an early age. Yet furore has been whipped up by LGBT Advocacy Groups dishonestly labelling it the Don’t Say Gay Bill.

Disney aims to overthrow the law introduced by a democratically elected government with which the vast majority of people agree. Greetings from “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” are being changed to “friends”. By seeking to avoid getting offside with the 1% of the population who may be Transgender, Disney chooses to offend the rest of the population, on the advice of the bright young things ensuring diversity from the HR department.

Necessity of including every kind of diversity in every production spoils story lines, diminishing both merit and popular appeal. People switch off.

A share price declining by 20% in the last year is likely to go lower as government representatives, fed up with Disney’s woke posturing, remove privileges like renewal of copyright on key Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and rights to self-government on their 25 hectare site in Florida. Go woke, go broke!

Disney Corporation has lost sight of the original purpose of its founder, Walt, who truly wanted to entertain his daughters.

A pox too, on all those woke corporations caught up in the Climate Catastrophe cult, who, like Disney, betray their real audience – their shareholders and general public – by refusing to finance and insure businesses that have serviced our prosperity and keep the country running. Those banks and insurance companies, no longer fit for purpose, lose out as projects seek funding elsewhere and self-insure.


Despite the $billions invested in education, standards have continued to decline at a rapid pace, showing poor fit for purpose. Many things can be blamed for acceptance of 30-40% functional illiteracy: poor student discipline, scatter brains from too much screen time; inadequate teacher training and unsuitable curriculum.

Only now are meaningful changes being made to ensure students can write properly, write a sentence with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation as might reasonably be expected; and comprehend what has been written. The curriculum is being taken back to phonics and parents, dismayed by standards, are seeking tutoring to fill known gaps to make learning fit for purpose.

Health Bureaucracies

Growth of health bureaucracies now outstrips front-line health service provision, confounding delivery, incurring costs and delays. Just when technology should be increasing efficiency, an overload of bureaucrats creating make-work rules to justify existence clog the system, pressuring health professionals, extending waiting lists and ambulance ramping, defeating the purpose of the service.


Expansion of the dominion of experts and extended education has clouded the parental role of ensuring their child moves from total dependence at birth to be capable and competent in making adult decisions by age 18 years in keeping with the civic expectations under law. In my book Becoming, this transition is spelled out in some detail.

For parents to be fit for purpose in educating their children, experiences need to be provided for the child to make decisions and accept responsibilities along the way in readiness for young adulthood.


Most of us have little control beyond our own life and household. It may be timely to reflect on how well we use our own goods and equipment to ensure we get the best from them to ensure they are fit for purpose.


Think it through

Out of the many current issues, I have chosen just three which have been widely reported: the death of Kumanjayi Walker, the “renewables” business and the election of Joe Biden as President of the USA. From seemingly innocuous origins each of these subjects had profound impacts on many people.

Kumanjayi Walker

The whole tragedy of Kumanjayi’s life and death began when his pregnant mother drank alcohol. It ended when he was shot three times by police officer John Rolfe in the Northern Territory in 2019, sending reverberations throughout black and white communities.

FASD (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder) is rampant in Aboriginal communities, decades on from a paediatrician’s impassioned pleas to do something about Indigenous infant mortality and morbidity, (low early stage brain growth resulting from poor nutrition). Both FASD and poor early nutrition hamper normal brain growth that can never be regained. For unborn Kumanjayi, his mother’s drinking was both a life and death sentence. Being unwanted, except by his grandmother, did not help.

Learning and discipline are difficult for those with FASD, resulting in uncontrollable behavioural problems, often harming those around him. A long rap sheet of dysfunction accumulated over Kumanjayi’s short 19 years. Attacking police with an axe was one of the later episodes.

Controlling violent outbursts for the safety of others involved the law. Yet police have been trained in de-escalation to accommodate outbursts. For instance, police backed off after the axe incident, which was recorded on body-cam for those coming afterwards.

Constable Rolfe and his partner were surprised to find Kumanjayi at his grandmother’s place, late evening when they went to arrest him. When Rolfe was stabbed in the shoulder with scissors, he drew his weapon and shot the offender, shooting twice more as the offender threatened his partner’s life.

Kumanjayi died that evening, unable to be attended by health professionals because the community had destroyed the health centre at Yuendumu. Elderly white nursing staff at risk had left under a hail of rocks, only adding to this tragic saga.

The death of a black man at the hands of a white policeman at the height of the #BlackLivesMatter political movement generated high volatility, blame and resentment quickly became political. Chief Minister of the Northern Territory joined the chorus. Within days Constable Rolfe was charged with murder and relieved of duties awaiting trial.

At his recent trial, Rolfe was exonerated, releasing a new wave of black disgruntlement at white man’s law.

Yet at the root of this story is the sad truth that drinking alcohol while pregnant, a seemingly innocuous pursuit, can have long-term implications for health, wellbeing and prospects of innocent children born, social disruption wrought upon others and the groundswell of inter-racial hatred so practised. Blaming whitey does nothing to help individuals and communities who stand to benefit from improvements to order, education and health care by those who put their lives on the line to face the challenge. As Indigenous woman Jacinta Price advises, Indigenous communities must themselves step up and be responsible.

“Renewables” business

Original worthy concerns to care for the environment have been distorted by taxpayer subsidies to encourage positive action. A global gravy train of opportunism now despoils the environment intended to protect and penalises the poor and businesses which should benefit. Unchecked under climate catastrophe mania, a worthy ideal has become a serious threat to our national security.

The word “renewables’ is couched in parenthesis, because they are not. In fact it is merely a slick marketing label to draw investors into an industry entirely reliant on taxpayer subsidies that is neither reliable nor sustainable.

As the war in Ukraine has demonstrated to the virtue signalling Europeans, shafting energy self-sufficiency in coal, gas and nuclear to Russian oil and gas has left their national security terribly exposed. Europeans are now firing up their coal, gas and nuclear plants once more.

For decades energy policy has been captured by the environmental movement which has challenged us globally to clean up our act and conserve our ecology. Coal, gas and oil which have, for two hundred years, brought billions of people out of poverty and fed our prosperity, are deemed evil by the climate cultists.

Any business for “renewables” does not stack up well enough for a business loan at the local bank, getting by on global climate mania. For instance, all require despised mining to manufacture and transport; ecology and environmental aesthetics are destroyed by vast swathes of solar and wind farms; energy is lost in transmission from remote sites; and waste management after a short lifespan has yet to be resolved. No doubt even greater subsidies will be demanded to get rid of the failing machinery of “renewables”.

In the meantime, our power bills have multiplied; families are under energy distress unable to pay their bills in time; businesses have closed because energy is unaffordable; and worst of all, running down our base load power leaves our nation’s security exposed, like Europe, to the will of dictators who do not follow the simple green mantra to save our planet with so called “renewables”.

Good intentions leave us critically exposed. Emotion and greed have prevented us from thinking through this issue.

Election of Joe Biden

Election of Joe Biden from his Delaware basement as President of the USA, with WOC (woman of colour) Kamala Harris as his VP is far enough from our shores to be of little interest to many in Australia. After all, Presidential elections in the world’s foremost democracy occur every four years with much hullaballoo.

What has been truly surprising is the rapid speed at which, by fiat rather than parliamentary debate, former President Trump’s policies have been reversed and global order threatened. Every anti-Trump step Biden has taken has weakened America.

Biden has taken USA from energy self-sufficiency under Trump, to begging dependence on Russia, Venezuela and OPEC countries. Shutting down oil and gas production on federal land and closing the Keystone pipeline from Canada has had damaging effects on supply. Gas (petrol) prices have risen, fuelling inflation as transport costs of goods increase.

We are baulking at petrol price rises here too as a result. Under Biden’s Green New Deal policies, everyone (except privileged elites) is expected to catch the electric bus or walk.

At grave risk is the global currency, as Saudi Arabia refuses Biden’s calls, dealing directly with China in Renminbi rather than US$ and India trades with Russia in Roubles.

An ignominious, chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan left soldiers dead and wounded and $85billion military equipment behind.

Biden immediately stopped work on the southern border wall. Contravention of federal laws opening up the border has allowed almost 2 million undocumented people from over 100 countries to cross into the USA in the middle of a pandemic, many dispersed by bus and plane in the middle of the night to cities across the nation.

Drug and people smuggling and child prostitution cartels have been active. Fentanyl from China, through Mexico has resulted in over 100,000 Americans overdosing a year.

Weak leadership in the USA has emboldened autocrats whose system challenges democracy: Putin invaded Ukraine; China threatens Taiwan and the Asia Pacific; Iran, back at the nuclear negotiations, threatens everyone especially Israel; and Kim Jong Un from North Korea rattles his ballistic missiles for attention. In his better years as VP to Obama, Obama knew you “could always rely on Joe to fxxk things up”. Now, in serious senile decline, Biden poses a threat to this own country and endangers the world, including Australia.

Playing the diversity card appointing a black woman as VP has been equally disastrous. Cackling, incompetent Kamala is a totally embarrassing lightweight, which would not matter, except we are all at risk, economically and on national security.

Perhaps woke billionaire tech oligarchs who invested $hundreds of millions to manipulate the 2020 election to put Biden in the White House didn’t think things through. Or maybe they did, and the unfolding disastrous change in world order is part of their plan for a new world order.

The most we can do is be aware of consequences and think through decisions we make and actions we take to ensure maximum benefit to all and any harm is minimised.


Acceptance vs Activism

Stellar athletes Nelly and Rita Dean

It’s almost a hundred years since my mother Nelly Dean and her sister Rita became stars of fledgling women’s sport. With a cohort of others they broke down barriers for women in athleticism, sportswear and competition across track and field, basketball, hockey, cross country and lifesaving. Both became state champion athletes and at 18 years Rita equalled a world record for 220 yards.

Regularly they and their accomplishments featured on the sporting and social pages in photographs and news copy, some of which Nelly wrote herself. Early women athletes had strong practical and financial support from men within sports and those interested in advancing women’s endeavours. In time these stellar sporting sisters turned their hand to coaching, mentoring and administration.

Since then we have applauded as women expanded participation into other traditionally male sports not limited to: soccer, rugby union and league, AFL, basketball, cricket, tennis, cycling and rowing. Performance, pay and patronage for women continue to grow. Our lives are richer for it.

New Sporting Battles

A century on the battle for free and fair participation for women in sport has to be fought once more as males claiming, or transitioning to be female, encroach upon women’s competition, dressing rooms, toilets and athletic opportunities. Floodgates to gender fluidity opened by the Marriage Amendment Act, bolstered by the Human Rights Act and every favoured woke rainbow interpretation caught us on the back foot, athletically speaking.

Following the 2019 issuance of Trans inclusion guidelines by Sport Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission, games are to be reorganised on the basis of self-declared gender identity, at risk of uncapped financial penalties. Risk of injury and unfairness to women and girls has been subjugated to demands for Trans inclusivity. Female sporting codes must seek formal exemption for conducting their sport as they have for a hundred years. Bureaucratic stupidity knows no bounds!! I know how silly bureaucracy can be because I once supported a Retirement Village established 25 years earlier for residents over 55 years, yet had to prove to the Human Rights Commission they were not discriminating against younger persons!

In deference to self-declared gender demands we use “correct” pronouns, change language and meaning of words, indoctrinate children with false biology, foster an alarming mania of gender dysphoria, allow female-identifying into women’s prisons or into girls’ bathrooms where they have raped girls and women, now without protection or privacy. In the USA college women are missing out on athletic scholarships, being defeated by broad-shouldered (fe)male swimmers (transitioning). Innate male body structure and strength cannot be matched by females.

Thank goodness there are people like Liberal Senator Claire Chandler, who championed the Save Women’s Sport Bill endorsed by the PM. The Bill simply asks that males not play in female sport and ensures volunteers and local clubs don’t face legal action or penalties if they offer single-sex women’s sport. Good on the Senator! Of course she has aroused the wrath of Equality Australia, which campaigns for Transgender rights, which emotionally portrays the Bill as hateful and bigoted.

Acceptance vs Activism

From being a fringe issue affecting a very small percentage of the population, gender fluidity has come to dominate policy, agenda and debate as a result of aggressive Trans activism. Like Equality Australia, Trans activists emotionally evoke hatred and bigotry as they have with this Bill.

No one is safe. JK Rowling, a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, has been ostracised for recognising two biological genders, and excluded from 25th anniversary celebrations of the first publication of the Harry Potter series which she created. Beyond silly! None of the precocious offended would have the opportunities afforded them without her genius.

Most people accept biological sex as male or female, just as we have come to accept the LGTIQ+ identifications, marriages and celebrations of Gay Pride. No longer are these issues. Instead of imposing risk and unfairness upon women and their sporting clubs, Trans activists would do well to initiate their own sporting category, the same way that women and disabled have spent years gaining recognition. Such an initiative would receive broad community support, just as have Gay Pride parades and SSM.

It’s a travesty to continue to prosecute a war for recognition and acceptance that has already been won. Trans activists are like the Japanese soldier emerging out of the jungle decades after the war ended, still fighting. Gay communities are accepted: dampen activism that divides. Support for women and girls does not mean bigotry towards Trans.

Religious Freedom Act

Last week’s Religious Discrimination Bill, intended to fulfil former PM Malcom Turnbull’s promise at the passing of the SSM Bill, to protect religious freedom, failed to pass the Senate, having been undermined by voting down of Section 38(3) of the Sex Discrimination Act.

The package of Bills were intended to allow faith-based schools operate according to their charter, much the same as girls and women’s sporting clubs serve their patrons. Again, the gay activist lobby and some MPs interpreted the Bills as contravening the rights of gay students or teachers, without evidence of such having been the case. Being for Christian conservative values does not mean hostility against others: quite the opposite.

Once more protection for the schools and churches from outrageous, damaging legal action for doing their stated job was made secondary to the “rights” of a very small minority, already accommodated with compassion. Yet claims abound that the Bills threaten to wind back the rights and hard-fought protections of LGBTQ+ people, women, people with disability and even other people of faith, by allowing people to use religion to discriminate against others. Gay author and commentator Douglas Murray would call it monomaniacal – ever mad about one thing, hyper offended.

Practice of religion is a personal matter. For as long as I can remember people in this country have been free to declare and practice their faith regardless of what faith that might be. Consequently churches, temples, synagogues and mosques have sprung up all over the country to service communities’ needs.

Earlier conflicts between Catholics and Protestants waned as formal church attendance declined. Ecumenism brought Christians to closer understanding and value of each other’s position as keepers of the message, as Christianity came under savage attack from the woke, post-truth, anti-conservative elite.

Certainly Judeo-Christian values imbued in our Constitution provide and protect freedoms we enjoy, making this country an attractive one to visit and live. Destruction of the spirit and essence of our foundation is likely to result in concomitant destruction of our way of life.

As reported by priest, barrister, author and advocate Frank Brennan, three years ago, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, the President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, told the Parliament: ‘Catholic schools do not use the exemptions in the Sex Discrimination Act to expel or otherwise discriminate against students on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.’

Ms Ann Maree Rebgetz, Board Director of Secondary Principals Australia told the parliamentary committee: ‘Catholic secondary principals have a strong moral compass in relation to the treatment of secondary students in our schools. They believe that inclusivity, as a gospel value, must reign supreme in the treatment of their clientele. This translates into the safeguarding of all students, and particularly those students who are in a minority and may feel marginalised. Religious schools should not be able to discriminate against students on the basis of their sexual orientation and identity.’

When marking the 50th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Pope John Paul II called for a collective examination of conscience. He spoke of ‘the tendency of some to choose one or another right at their convenience, while ignoring those which are contrary to their current interests occurs too frequently. Others do not hesitate to isolate particular rights from their context in order to act as they please, often confusing freedom with licence, or to provide themselves with advantages which take little account of human solidarity.’

On gender and religion the battles have been won. Solidarity derives from the realisation we are all in this life/country together. Broad scale acceptance of diversity diminishes the needs for activism blighting the rights of others. Come out of the jungle. It’s safe. The war is over.


Follow the Science

Science is constantly evolving. We know that earth is round, not flat as once believed, and that earth is not the centre of the universe. Proof developed by scientists revealed these facts, though not without controversy at the time, often at threat of imprisonment or death from ruling powers. Yet facts prevailed, as they must now. Facts once known cannot be unknown.

Follow the money. A trough of money has corrupted science of COVID and climate change. Elites in the trough and media capitalising on fear and click bait have gone along with the narrative, to their eternal shame. We’ve been suckered into being controlled and to pay, to keep us safe.

China’s reluctance to admit that the Wuhan Lab was the source of COVID-19 was supported by the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, who owes his position to China’s endorsement. Corruption caused delays and death of people globally. Who trusts China on anything today? Or the WHO? Or its DG?

As Stephen Covey says in his book The Speed of Trust, the loss of trust can “destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love”.

COVID Catastrophe Science

Understandably, when COVID first broke out, little was known about how it was spread and the impact it would have on people. Rather quickly, science established that the elderly and those with co-morbidities were most affected and should be protected. Children were least at risk.

President Trump moved rapidly to shut down flights from China, finance Pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines for prevention and assigned a 4-Star General to arrange logistics for distribution. At the same time he explored therapies that could be used to treat those who caught the virus, since implemented by Governor Ron de Santis in Florida, proving effective. For all this he was pilloried by the media, undermined by the Democrats and Dr Fauci, head of the NIAID, who had funded the gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Lab. How many lives has the Trump Derangement Syndrome cost?

Never let a crisis go to waste seemed to be the motto, as governments became ever more restrictive, without disclosing the science behind their dictates. Under ever increasing controls, people lost their jobs, businesses, irrevocable precious family moments in birth, sickness and death, educational opportunities, sport and mental health. Anti-mandate protests indicate the ordinary people have had enough of the narrative purporting to use science that is not settled.

As reported by Adam Creighton in The Australian, nine leading scientists from universities including Oxford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins have urged mandates be dumped in light of evidence they were scientifically questionable, ethically problematic and misguided”. Further, they believe that denying individuals education, livelihoods, medical care or social life unless they get vaccinated does not appear to coincide with constitutional and bioethical principles, especially in liberal democracies. Risks and harms outweigh the benefits.

Facts have trumped fear, eventually. The science has moved on. Authoritarian leaders’ penchant for lockdowns, masks, isolation, vaccination, distancing, closing churches and social venues, proven of minimal value, have passed their use by date. Still the leaders, bolstered by excitable media, cling to their authority. Fearful amongst us who have become hostile to non-compliant of different opinions, are finding it every bit as difficult to let go of divisive attitudes to others.

Fear and threat used to win compliance in COVID have dimmed reason. As Christopher Hitchens said, “You cannot reason a man out of a position that he didn’t use reason to get into in the first place”.

Rather than talk with Truckers’ Freedom convoy protesting mandates, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, under pressure from Joe Biden, and channelling his alleged father Fidel Castro, has doubled down, enacting autocratic emergency terrorism laws to target finances of the Truckers and those who donated to them. Confiscation of rigs, businesses, fines and imprisonment for those objecting to what is now disproven science. Truckers who kept the country going during the pandemic are now considered terrorist enemy. The world is not flat (although there is plenty of flat land in prairie Canada).

Follow the money: Big government, Big Corp, Big Tech and Big Pharma have all prospered during the pandemic, while small business has been driven to the wall. Watch now for the demand for annual vaccine boosters for everyone from 6 months old into perpetuity, greasing the profits of Big Pharma. Never mind that those who have recovered from the virus have stronger immunity lasting longer than any vaccination. Provisional approval only has been given to the vaccines, which does not guarantee immunity or non-transmission. All that control and hostility has been for nothing.

Climate Catastrophe Science

For 50 years we’ve been subject to an ever increasing crescendo of threat of greenhouse gas, global warming, melting Arctic ice and glaciers and now climate change morphing into catastrophe. Whatever! All failed to eventuate. You’d think we’d learn.

Again, follow the money: Investors in renewables bound for the scrap heap within the decade (the next big waste management crisis); scientists questionably pushing climate change, destruction of the Great Barrier Reef; and vilifying coal, the very commodity that has serviced our prosperity. Even the Bureau of Meteorology has been accused of fudging data to fit the global warming narrative. All have attracted inordinate streams of funding induced by fear, not only of consequences for the environment but of personal censure through the shittersphere.

Facts are beginning to emerge and people are fighting back, at some cost. We owe people like Professors Bob Carter (deceased) and Peter Ridd, sacked by James Cook University for challenging the quality of science being pumped out asserting decline of the GBR that affected the approved narrative and funding streams. The Green Shirts organisation is fighting back against slurs of farming environmental vandalism defending their right to produce. Jennifer Maharosy has meticulously researched BOM data to disclose their fudging. Former environmental activist Michael Shellenberger apologised for “for the climate scare created over the past 30 years.”

Steven Koonin’s book Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What it Doesn’t and Why it Matters, poses that the “we must do something about it or we’ll all die” approach to climate change has more in common with religion than with science. Being settled, science must not be challenged. Shades of Anthony Fauci, claiming he is science and must not be challenged. Kiss the ring!

Personal Science

Staying in charge of our own life and circumstances is not so easy when fear and threats have a major impact on our state of being: all the more reason to be responsible for ourselves.

Know your own circumstances and condition, seek out facts, consider guidelines, measure against your own knowledge and experience, and then make your own responsible decisions. Above all, respect decisions that others make which may differ from our own. Cohesiveness of friends and family will be important in a life beyond COVID and climate change.

Be aware that divisiveness is a tool of intensified control. Just look at how Justin Trudeau PM of Canada, falsely calls up Nazism, racism and pro-Trump affiliation against the Truckers. In the USA, racism is weapon with which to beat up on anyone with a different opinion. Nothing to do with the science we have been called upon to follow.

Follow your own informed science based on common sense.


Flying the Flag for Democracy

When Captain Arthur Philip planted the British flag for King George III to establish the first British settlement at Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788, he did so under an edict the colony was to be free, without slaves. All would be equal before the law, guaranteeing liberties embedded in the 1215 Magna Carta.

After early struggles, convicts eventually granted freedom generally prospered far better than they would have in the unfavourable circumstances of their origins.

Liberty seeded on that first day has evolved into a thriving, if imperfect democracy, now facing challenges from within and without.

Global Contest

Whether we are aware of it or not, a global contest is being waged between democracy and autocracy as a way of governance, and between nationalism and globalism. Both threaten our sovereignty and way of life we celebrate on Australia Day.

Despite Communism’s history of failure with death of millions, Xi Jinping of China is determined to dominate global governance and financial currency markets, taking over from the US dollar. Renminbi anyone? Xi’s Belt and Road initiative, his takeover of Tibet, Hong Kong,  LAC India, South China Sea and his intention to take over Taiwan threatens. Silent immersion of China’s influence in western democratic countries is clearly outlined by Clive Hamilton in his book, Hidden Hand. Peter Schweizer’s just released book Red Handed, details how the elites get rich helping China win. Schweizer believes such concentration of power is evil.

Globalism isbeing driven by people such as Charles Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, together with the cohort of elites pushing The Great Reset for global utopia run by unelected bureaucrats and corporate leaders. Joe Biden, President of the USA has signed up. That the ideas have been tried before by Stalin, and failed drastically, hardly penetrates the consciousness of the privileged, yet stupid elite, who think they know what’s best for us. For instance, aren’t we all sick of hearing from these elite unelected organisations how badly Australia is on meeting emission targets and managing the Great Barrier Reef, when nothing could be further from reality? Power trumps facts.

Democracy and its challenges

Peace and progress in our democracy is founded on several key elements now being threatened: unbiased media; separation of powers between elected officials and the law, adhered to and administered equally; integrity of elections; and free speech. None of these elements is present in socialist/communist countries (Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela). In fact, their people are locked in, unable to leave and there is no rush by immigrants to enter, as there is into more democratic countries. Freedom and opportunity matter to the human spirit.

In the great struggle now being contested between socialism and democracy, three fundamentals of democracy are under heavy attack: faith, family and culture. Destruction of these strengths of democracy make all else problematic. President Xi of China believes implicitly his way of ruling is superior and intends imposing it upon us all.

Within Australia

According to the Edelham Trust Barometer[i], people have lost trust in the Media, down to 43% from 51%. Trust in government and non-government agencies has also plummeted, from a sense of having been misled.

ABC falsely trashing the person and careers of conservatives Christian Porter, Andrew Laming and George Pell and being found out in court, with costs, demonstrates extreme bias, diminishing trust worthy of democracy. Lunatics at the ABC should buy the asylum and spare taxpayers the cost.

Instead of analysing the origins of COVID, monitoring effectiveness of vaccines, lockdowns, masks and mandates that would serve people’s interests in democracy, media has been complicit in diminishing healthy debate by:

  • Orchestrating fear instead of investigating scientific truth; and
  • Silencing alternative opinions outside the narrative, cancelling dissent

Authoritarianism and overreach counter to democracy has been evident in:

  • Extended emergency powers without accountability
  • Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats determining COVID policies
  • Failure to follow the science. Now clearly evident: cloth masks have limited value; 1.5m distance has no basis; lockdowns of all people are more damaging than the virus, especially for children; those who have recovered from COVID have stronger immunity than vaccination; and therapeutics help speedy recovery
  • Extraordinary influence of elites, especially big Pharma and Big Tech
  • Universities and corporations speaking the China narratives against Australia’s interests

Politicised police and unequal application of the law, is evidenced in:

  • Arrest of anti vax-mandate protesters, though not BLM protesters and young black rioters destroying property
  • Victorian Labor using red shirts brigade paid for out of public funds to run their election campaigns
  • Anastasia Palaszczuk spending big on surveys to determine COVID and campaign policy, not science, damaging so many livelihoods, businesses and families
  • Using police to control state borders and people walking in the park
  • Violent arrest of protesters, in their kitchen, on the streets, in cafes
  • The whole sorry saga of Cardinal Pell so politically motivated to attack the Catholic Church – police canvassing for complaints, charges, trials, jail, ultimately overthrown by the High Court as being implausible.

Destruction of history and culture evident in an education system resulting in 30% functional illiteracy, yet focused on climate change, COVID fear, gender fluidity, all in defiance of science. Being able to write legibly a properly structured sentence with punctuation and capitals would be a start.

Beyond our borders

The USA has gone from being a bastion of democracy to becoming a country under threat, as globalism subsumes nationalism.

A sovereign nation controls its borders and faithfully administers its laws. Yet, against the law, in one year alone, President Joe Biden has allowed two million people from 140 nations and dubious health condition to cross the southern border, dispersing them in the middle of the night to destinations unnamed. More will have escaped notice. In New York, unregistered aliens will be allowed to vote. Democrat of course!

At the same time, Americans remain constricted by vaccination mandates and failure to concede the science that those who have recovered from the virus carry higher immunity and longer than any vaccination. Many who laboured through the crisis and recovered from COVID have lost their jobs: truckers, nurses, doctors, first responders and essential workers. Yet controls on who can enter an enclosed space, restaurant or service, still apply. While two million aliens (so far) roam free.

Crime has escalated as Soros funded District Attorneys in Democrat states like New York and California apply catch and release policies to be kinder to criminals. As a result of not enforcing the law crime has increased exponentially.

Marxist Black Lives Matter riots, burning and murders led to defunding and demoralising the police for doing their job.

Politicising government investigative agencies, the CIA and FBI to hound Trump and his associates, based on a fake dossier, now extended to people in Washington on January 6, and parents protesting at school board meetings about teaching their children Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, and destruction of American history and literature, shows how separation of powers is now blurred, spoiling democracy.

Trust in governance diminishes as laws governing real crime are trivialised, while political crime of having a different point of view is investigated and punished severely. Adding racial discrimination to the mix further undermines respect for the law and those exercising it – very STASI like.

Many factors softening the USA for capitulation to China are not unlike what’s happening in our own country: the breakdown of law, order, institutions and borders in the USA (Tony Abbott dealt with that one); the infiltration of China into Big Tech, corporations, universities and governments, especially the Democratic Party; the woke-isation of the military; capture of children to false indoctrination; complicity of the media in the going narrative rather than investigative rigor; attacks on our Judeo-Christian heritage from which democracy derives; decline in search for truth in science in deference to money for the going narrative; and loss of freedoms – of movement, speech and religion.

The Marxist handbook requires destruction of the culture, institutions and families of a country in order to implement control over the people, much like we’ve had during COVID. How we recover will be critical, especially in the face of looming international threats from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Challenges to democracy and our way of life are heightened in the year 2022. We will need courage, fortitude and strategic intelligence of Captain Cook to resolve our position and strengthen the way of life we celebrated on 26 January.

[i] Cited by Jennifer Oriel, Ground Control We have a Problem, The Australian, 1 February, 2022.


Year in Review

Two philosophies thread throughout my blogs. Firstly, I try to relate policy understandings derived from analysis of research, reading and listening, to what it means for people on the ground who are not as interested as I am, yet remain affected by policy decisions, often at cost to them. Being informed adds value to life.

Secondly, I aim to build respectfully on the foundation of those who went before us, taking forward what is best and letting go of things no longer relevant. Truth/facts and new knowledge are basic to this philosophy.

These two philosophies stand in contrast to the regressive trend to trash our past and freedoms so hard won, to pledge to new gods of climate change, COVID, gender, colonialism, race and socialism, in which emotion and moral superiority override facts, history and reason.

Like the pin in the pendulum, the blogs are intended as a point of wisdom, which may offend some, yet in time have proven prescient. Check them out and see.

Never Enough! | I Decide

How true has this predictive blog been about COVID and demands of Green’s climate catastrophism that sucker us, not only to loss of democracy but also loss of sovereignty to unaccountable global bureaucrats whose power is never enough. 

Making our Marx | I Decide

We are ever enriched by traditions, modified, not discarded.

Memorable philosophies were built on the gifted legacy foundation of knowledge to which they added greater insight pertinent to the particular era in which they lived.

Invariably, generativity and generosity of spirit pervades their philosophy. Like us, they made their mark seeking to leave the world a better place, richer in understanding.

Misery and poverty of workers, Marx believed, would be overcome by the destruction of capitalism and its wealthy owners. He failed to understand the capacity of both workers and management to change.

Vaccine for Peak Stupid | I Decide

Political advantage masking peak stupid!

That push for renewables was an impossible farce evident from the beginning. So it has proven peak stupid, based on emotions, failed forecasts, facts ignored and faith in the new gods seriously misplaced. Not to mention the opportunity costs of demolition of base load power, failure to allow construction of new power stations, disallowance of nuclear energy development, all contributing to the loss of manufacturing capability and production, weakening this country immeasurably for no benefit. Green lies have made us vulnerable.

Feeding the Crocodile | I Decide

To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last, but eat you he will”.

I know! I know! None of this has anything to do with us, puddling along in glorious oblivion, anxiously hoarding more toilet paper with every recurring lockdown. Yet each of us has been seriously affected by China’s conscious export to the world of COVID-19, with its accompanying illness, death and economy destroying consequences. Blaming Trump or Scomo is hardly a sensible response: the communist China crocodile has been fattening for decades. The crocodile is coming for us, not the cavalry. Each of us needs to step up and speak up before it is too late.

Don’t believe the Greens | I Decide

Green folly compounds in pursuit of the unsustainable, unaffordable, unattainable (100% renewables) in response to the unprovable (human induced global warming).

Lack of business nous is evident in the absence of a lifecycle business case for ‘renewables’, including mining, manufacture, transport, establishment and maintenance, disposal, subsidies and opportunity cost. Wouldn’t pass muster in a small business application to the local bank, but seems justification for a global scam. 

That’ll see me out | I Decide

In later years, control over what happens can decline rapidly, whether health, sight, hearing, mobility, bladder or teeth, limiting our ability to communicate with relevant others as freely or as confidently as usual. Keeping our memory and marbles are yet other challenges. Limited finances in later years with no further capacity to earn present constraints that override many other factors.

How to deal with illness, death and grief challenges our ability to experience deeply and to let go, taking hope in the spirit of those who we have influenced in life.

The Great Reset | I Decide

Ignoring the wisdom of old, The Great Reset aims to achieve a better outcome, says WEF, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

Schwab and other elites are more likely to give us rules than give up power.

The Social Dilemma | I Decide

This blog explores the rise of social media and the damage it has caused to society, focusing on its exploitation of its users for financial gain through surveillance capitalism and data mining, how its design is meant to nurture an addiction for profit (as was cigarette smoking) and its use in politics.

Hidden machinations behind everyone’s favourite social media and search platforms are unveiled in the docudrama, showing that the technology that connects us also distracts us, monetizes, divides, controls, manipulates and polarises us. The promise of connectivity has given rise to a host of unintended consequences that threaten to overwhelm us unless we can address our broken information ecosystem that plagues humanity.

Skin in the Game | I Decide

Nassim Nicholas Taleb claims having skin in the game works better than thousands of laws and regulations to even out the risk/responsibility profile in community, business and government.  It is a simple rule that’s necessary for fairness and justice, and the ultimate BS-buster. Taleb’s reveals insights:

  • Minorities, not majorities run the world
  • You can be an intellectual yet still be an idiot;
  • Beware of complicated solutions; and
  • True religion is commitment, not just faith

Mothers’ Day | I Decide

My own mother, born Nelly Dean, was one of a kind who thought outside the box, was smart, vibrant, athletic, witty and capable of clear insight into people and situations. She passed on behavioural traits as well as biological genes.

For mothers, love continues throughout the child’s life. Regardless of the number of children, the ups and downs of family relationships and rivalries, mothers never cease loving and wondering about the wellbeing of their offspring wherever they are in the world, as they stand willing to assist where ever they can. Hurts can be mended, reparation made and peace restored.

May 2022 be a memorable one for all of you, and for the right reasons.


Family Christmas

While the Queen and her extended family gather at Sandringham for the traditional Christmas, we are more likely to be gathering at the Cotton Tree to celebrate our own traditions of ham, turkey, seafood, sun and swim. Santa handing out gifts and Dan Murphy purchases, rather than the royal cellar, adds to jollity.

For the Queen, 2021 has not been such a good year for family or Commonwealth. Family cohesion suffered from crises natural and generated. Mirroring common experience, Prince Philip, her husband of 73 years, passed away. A favoured son, Andrew, faced the ignominy of global headlines over allegations of historical association with Jeffrey Epstein’s underage grooming and sex activities. Under a hail of global publicity about offence taken and mental health suffering, grandson Harry moved to California with his African-American wife Meghan (Ginger and Whinger), to set the world straight with their superior, elitist advice, and, incidentally, make a bucket load of load of cash outside the Firm, while capitalising on the Royal Sussex titular benefits.

Doubtless the Queen, as any grand/parent like us would, holds the door ajar to welcome the errant pair back into the fold. She will be dismayed somewhat by the loss of access to great grandchildren and somewhat hurt by the allegations of racism and ostracism from the Whingers, all while processing the death of a long time husband. Difficulties come in lumps and 2021 has had some doozies.

Royal duties required the Queen lead the Commonwealth nations through waves of pandemic, while the home country struggled to get ahead of the challenges, deaths and costs. Stoic and gracious as always, Elizabeth persevered in good spirit, though in declining health, knowing from previous experiences that world-threatening trials eventually pass. Lessons can be learned as we move forward.

Christmas, with its opportunity for reconciliation, replenishment and promise of hope is especially worthy of celebration for the Queen and family after such a dreadful year. Church services affirm faith, the foundation and bulwark of our civilisation. Other new great grandchildren have been born to stir the halls of Sandringham with the joy of new life. Many will gather around for traditional festivities and games, quirky to each family. Hearts and relationships can be restored and the New Year looked forward to with promise.

Australian Family Christmas

Events occurring in the royal family are on a grander scale, though little different from what happens in many families like our own. At least we rarely have to run the gauntlet of media holding a microscope (or telescope) to our failings, though there are usually some people who will happily magnify flaws.

Many amongst us are elderly women, now solitary heads of families like the Queen, left alone to mourn the loss of a husband, yet savour the privilege of living long enough to treasure grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Like the Queen, we too, may find that partners drawn into the family by marriage do not understand or value the benefits. The Whingers’ type of unkindness isolating partners from family of origin and depriving access to grandchildren imbeds long-lasting division for many families. Joy lost cannot be retrieved. It must be named and mourned to enable us to move on, though the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are never far from our thoughts. Digital images may be as close as we get to the fruits of life and labour.

Worthiness is not diminished by lack of appreciation from the immature. How we value ourselves holds infinitely more esteem, leaving others to step up to fill the void. Nothing is missing.

For many, the meaning of Christmas in the story of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago may be somewhat lost, along with the practice of faith. Yet the spirit and substance lingers in every family gathering to celebrate Christmas, whether humble as the birth in the stable, beach picnics at the Cotton Tree or royal gatherings in the castle at Sandringham.

With longing and anticipation, families gather together, travelling over distances to excited welcomes. Gifts are exchanged in the spirit of love and generosity, bringing delight and surprise. Memories are made over meals, often shared contributions of traditional ham, turkey and plum pudding mixing with local favourites of seafood and pavlova.

Families sated with food and drink (most likely beer) turn to playing games, usually beach or backyard cricket as a build up for the Boxing Day test. TV favourite to relax with is the umpteenth rerun of Love Actually for its seasonal message of family joy triumphing over difficulties and complexities of loving imperfect people unconditionally. What’s not to relate to and like!

Despite a challenging year, the Queen’s Christmas Day message will, as usual, reach out to us all in a spirit of seasonal goodwill. May your Christmas be blessed, Elizabeth. Thank you for your lifetime of loyal and faithful service. Like many of the older generation you offer to those who have come after the gifts of knowledge of history, wisdom and power of acceptance, available to all who choose to join at the table.

I wish a very happy Christmas to you all. May you and your families be blessed with peace, kindness, good health and happiness in the New Year.


Look over there!

Naked volunteers lie on Aletsch glacier, posing for photographer Spencer Tunick as part of an environmental campaign about global warming, on August 18, 2007. The campaign organized by Greenpeace 

On reflection, we can all probably recall incidents when, out of the blue, we have been put on the back foot by accusations made against us, often without basis. Our mind is sent reeling, as we try to make sense of what has been alleged. We are distracted from the thread of discussion and often from life.

Public Service distraction

One incident occurred while I was convening a major project for two government departments. As happens in the public service, leadership of the initiative had been transferred to another who tried to undermine the work. When I called a meeting with both leaders to clear the air and keep the project on track, it was confirmed the objectives jointly set were being met well. Out of the blue one of the leaders then accused me of being unkind to his PA. The accusation sent me reeling to find what could possibly be interpreted as unkindness to a person whom I had made particular effort to support, encourage and affirm.

It was all a lie of course. The PA in question was extremely distressed at having been used as a pawn in the public sector power game in order to regain supreme authority. Against my grain I could no longer afford to have anything to do with her. The leaders continued to undermine the project, which ended up being a major success, for which they took credit. Underlying their malevolence was the public service arse-covering technique of betting each way: success would be to their credit; a failure would be mine.

Family relationships distraction

When mutual humility and honesty would benefit, too often a relationship can be soured by false accusation aimed at asserting domination. “Isolate, humiliate, dominate” is the technique used maintain power over another, to win favour, assets and control, especially in dealings with the Family Court. Sins of youth raised to discolour the character of one party, judged under present norms, invariably shade character failings of the accuser. Family Court courtesans are willing parties in this dance of distraction for destruction – their careers and fortune depend on it.

Green distraction

Greens and Labor pride themselves on their environmental credentials enough to lord over others their moral superiority. Mostly Green policies involve demanding action imposing costs on someone else. Yet any sensible steps taken to ensure sustainability are never enough. Emotion rules, not fact. Emotion wins disciples, funds and publicity from a left wing media mouthpiece, regardless of the cost to others.

Brand morality assured, Greens and Labor are free to distract from the hollowness of their demands by destroying the value of the efforts of others. Who would know of the tremendous efforts farmers make to conserve their vegetation, soils, creeks and livelihoods when Greens and Labor forever damn them? Who would know about the funds, research and commercial efforts invested to conserve the integrity of the Great Barrier Reef, the poster icon for every global warming/climate change catastrophe claim? Who would know of the 200 year positive impact that cheap coal fired energy has had on creating prosperity, bringing billions of people out of poverty,?

Constant public disparagement of major positive efforts and outcomes distracts from malevolence of accusers. Under cover of the great climate scam, nothing less than de-industrialisation and the destruction of capitalism is sought by the Green acolytes, reordering of society as spelled out as utopia in The Great Reset by Charles Schwab, for a world to be run by unelected bureaucrats. Eliminating energy that has helped so much of the world out of poverty in favour of unreliable, unsustainable renewables is a distraction as we are taken back to poverty.

COP26 Glasgow

Every year around 25,000 emperors gather some place in the world to bolster confidence in their global warming nakedness like a Spencer Tunick photograph (picture), as they rail against the ordinary people trying to make a living. Glasgow was this year blessed with emissions from 400 private jets, as well as taxpayer funded flights, accommodation and entertainment.

Predictably, Australia was pilloried for not doing enough to change the climate or save the Great Barrier Reef, despite being one of only a few countries to meet our Kyoto carbon dioxide abatement commitments for 2030. Unjustly demanding more from Australia for this scam to show they are doing something (look over there!), distracts from their own destructive hypocrisy being exercised in the great global corruption and wealth transference scheme. 

Political distraction

With a federal election and Victorian and South Australian state elections due in the next twelve months, we can almost be assured of more of the “look over there” tactics that have proven successful in scaring people into voting one way or another. Take Labor’s 2016 “Mediscare” campaign, using unauthorised Medicare branding to claim the Coalition planned to abolish Medicare. That almost won Labor the election. Or cast a stern eye over the Greens’ constant loud, scary denigration of Coalition efforts to conserve the environment. Greens actually do little for the environment while pursuing destruction of the economy. Look over there! Their tactics work: we are always on the back foot. For change to occur we need to step boldly on the front foot to show a spotlight on the destructive ‘Green’ practices.

As election campaigning cranks up, it would be wise to cast a keen eye over any policies inciting fear. We know fear works. How else would so many have been so compliant over COVID lockdowns. Watch for lies. Dishonesty is inherent in any “look over there” tactics. Examine more closely the organisation making the claims.

China is the greatest proponent of “look over there” tactics, accusing Australia of warmongering, while it builds and equips the largest military on earth and illegally takes over the South China Sea, Tibet, LAC area of India, Hong Kong, and now threatens Taiwan. The tactic is the same disingenuous game, intended to stir fear, incite submission.

Power of Truth

Often I speak of truth/facts being the only basis on which we can move forward together. Truth is an essential component of my Maturity Model for decision making. Courage is needed to reveal truth: that is why lies roll so easily from the tongue of the malevolent. Social and financial disintegration ensues.

In a recent weekly column in The Australian, prominent international economist Henry Ergas wrote eloquently about lies:

Tacitius, one of Rome’s greatest historians, once wrote, unforgettably, that peoples are never more surely enslaved than by the lies of which they are themselves the authors.

With historical objectivity everywhere in retreat, today’s lies about the past can only fuel tomorrow’s nightmares.

Lies, often repeated, like Greens’ “look over there” tactics, become enslaving beliefs, unless tackled with truth and courage from a position of strength. Are we up for the challenge?

Johannes Leake, The Australian

Never Enough!

Whether in family, business or government, power and control over others can become addictive, to the detriment of all. Gaining power seeds the craving for more, unless countervailing influence can be brought to bear.

The Maturity Model for decision making outlined in my book Becoming provides a useful tool for assessing expectations, responsibilities and choice, in context, so we can take healthy power over our life and circumstances. The model shows that when expectations increase, responsibilities also increase and choice diminishes. After too long in such a situation, like COVID, both parties become immature and high social and financial costs are incurred. How true has that proven! In order to change, we have to take charge.

Power of COVID

This is precisely what happened under COVID. Fear, the political tool of choice, was engaged as short lockdowns became longer, curfews, masks, sanitation, isolation, vaccination, checking in, checking that we’ve checked in, education, sport and entertainment cancelled. No talking, playing outside, on the beach, sitting on a park bench, or even suggesting safe meetings, brought down police power on hapless citizens, charges and fines. Heartlessly, attendance at weddings, funerals, sick or dying family members was denied. Power beyond cruel and stupid! To keep us safe!

It’s taken almost two years for those so drunk on power that they couldn’t see what was evident early on – we will have to learn to live with COVID. Still the whiff of power proves too strong for Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk, who keeps the border closed to people from interstate and overseas until 90% vaccination is attained, now imposes vaccination mandates that costs the jobs of dedicated front line workers. Premier Daniel Andrews, dictator of the world’s longest lockdown in Victoria, seeks to extend his pandemic powers indefinitely, imposing fines of over $90K and two year prison for individual breaches of new arbitrary regulations, and $400K on businesses, without debate in parliament. Never enough! Misuse of insatiable power destroys democracy until such time as the people take charge. We are not afraid.

Power and destruction of climate catastrophism

I don’t thank the Greens for much, they have become such liars and deliberate economic illiterates symptomatic of Marxism. However, they did alert the world to take greater care for the planet. OK, we are alert and working on improving our environment with considerable success, mainly because economic achievement enables us to do so.

Unfortunately for the Greens, success is never enough. Ever increasing demands are for global gaia, including destruction of the means of production that made our economy viable, along with the wealthy people who contributed. Net zero by 2050, nobbling financial institutions from financing fossil fuel development on which most of the world runs, and destroying opportunities with green law fare, are all in their toolkit to take us back to burning dung for our dinner of grass and nuts. Am salivating! Can’t wait!

So many “leaders” gathered in Glasgow for COP26 to preen their green credentials and bolster confidence amidst the dawning realisation they are naked to a grand scam. Australia’s commitment to technological and sequestration solutions is at least anchored in practical reality. Otherwise, once more, the “Never Enough!” demands of Green’s climate catastrophism, suckers us not only to loss of democracy but also loss of sovereignty to unaccountable global bureaucrats whose power is never enough. We must speak up and take charge, not just clamour to board the subsidy and grants gravy train.

Power in education

All ideologues striving for long term power seek to capture children’s minds and souls on the way to fostering future acolytes. Classic Marxism! Often, by choice or chance, they have no children of their own, so seek life satisfaction influencing children of others. Education is no different.

All credit to those teachers who earnestly endeavour to foster in students competence in basic literacy and numeracy, while having to use a curriculum ideologically infected with age inappropriate propaganda on sex, race, gender, environment and colonialism. Who can believe the fictional tale of Aboriginal urbanisation, Dark Emu, by English ‘Aboriginal’ Bruce Pascoe, discredited by respected academics, is still being taught as fact throughout Australian schools and is heavily promoted on the ABC. Acceptance of 30% functional illiteracy and sliding international rankings by Unions and education bureaucracy is the result. Yet ever there are demands for more – whether ideological control over curriculum, funding, resources and smaller class sizes. Never enough! Ministers, parents and teachers must speak up and be heard if generations of children are not to be further disadvantaged.

Power in Unions

There was a time when unions served a useful purpose, winning better pay and improved working conditions for members, especially as operating conditions and technology changed. Unions became a collective force to counter the power of management. Yet as workers and management need each other in symbiosis in order to be productive, room for negotiation prevails. Breakdown occurs when either (or both) parties expect too much. Risk is the firm or industry will go out of business as outputs become too expensive to be attractive to management and end users. Unionists then lose their jobs. Unions for Australian car manufacturing workers certainly sent the whole industry out of business by their extravagant demands and continued expectation of government subsidies. Most people who bought one of the cars off the line had already paid for it in taxes. Never enough! Demand too much, end up with nothing.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has undertaken a campaign of rolling strikes over 12 months compounding the impact of staff absenteeism from COVID. Industrial action to force container ships to wait up to 18 days to berth in Sydney, nine days in Melbourne, eight days in Brisbane and three in Freemantle, holding up delivery of Christmas stock desperately needed by stores who have been impacted by pandemic closures. According to the Financial Review, wharfies who in Sydney are paid an average of $172K on a 35-hour roster and work less than 200 days a year are understood to be striking for increased union control over manning levels and hiring. An offer of 2.5% a year pay rise for four years, no forced redundancies from automation and caps on casual labour apparently is not enough. Never enough!

The most egregious blot on unions’ copy book is their treasonous sabotage, theft and delays to troop supply ships, outlined in meticulous detail, in Hal Colebatch’s revelatory book, Australia’s Secret War: how unionists sabotaged our troops in World War II.

Power in family

Before we blame others we need to recognise that power can also be exercised inordinately in families: either by parents over children or vice versa. From experience we know that giving in to children’s demands leads to ever more demands, to the detriment of all. Clear boundaries become very important if we are not to create social monsters.

 Parents need to be mindful of their parenting style – whether for control, autonomy or complacency – as outlined in my book Becoming. Too much control for too long results in children without resilience, unable to think and act independently. Focus on autonomy allows development of the child as experience in choice is gained within safe boundaries appropriate to age and stage of the child. Complacency lacks sufficient discipline to foster growth towards the child’s potential.

World trends begin at home. Be mindful.


Were we to take a step back to analyse the examples given, several things become evident. Firstly, there is no clear objective, which, if achieved, should result in a wave of satisfaction. Secondly, never is any gratitude expressed for efforts to attain goals: always the goal posts shift to extort more, like a spoiled brat. Thirdly, the selfish pursuit of own objectives deny consideration of others’.

To do our bit towards greater harmony at home and in the world we could: be more self-aware; take time to savour the satisfaction of having achieved goals; be grateful for the efforts of those around us; reconsider the necessity of asking for more; and, importantly, take charge and speak out when demands become outrageous.