Very happy to have the privilege of Fiona Ward launch my book on Sunday. Fiona took precious time out of her busy schedule to honour her commitment to the launch that had been organised prior to  the election being called. It is the kind of commitment we need in our representatives. Know she will be a strong representative for the seat of Bulimba.

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After so long in the incubation state, it was wonderful to present my thoughts to the public in hard copy form of my book Becoming, receive feedback and celebrate with supporters. Thanks to all who came along and purchased a copy or two. For those who were unable to attend, feel free to purchase a copy from the website.

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Most books address certain stages of life in isolation from context and any other stage. My book, Becoming is different in that it examines the tasks, resources and responsibilities of each stage of life. Shortcomings at any one stage can compound to make resolution at later stages more difficult though not impossible. Making an effort is important, as failure to do so loads responsibilities onto others, limiting their choice.

To find out more, you can download the first chapter and the Maturity Model.

A digital copy is expected to be available soon for those who prefer to read from a device.