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Science is constantly evolving. We know that earth is round, not flat as once believed, and that earth is not the centre of the universe. Proof developed by scientists revealed these facts, though not without controversy at the time, often at threat of imprisonment or death from ruling powers. Yet facts prevailed, as they must now. Facts once known cannot be unknown.

Follow the money. A trough of money has corrupted science of COVID and climate change. Elites in the trough and media capitalising on fear and click bait have gone along with the narrative, to their eternal shame. We’ve been suckered into being controlled and to pay, to keep us safe.

China’s reluctance to admit that the Wuhan Lab was the source of COVID-19 was supported by the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, who owes his position to China’s endorsement. Corruption caused delays and death of people globally. Who trusts China on anything today? Or the WHO? Or its DG?

As Stephen Covey says in his book The Speed of Trust, the loss of trust can “destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love”.

COVID Catastrophe Science

Understandably, when COVID first broke out, little was known about how it was spread and the impact it would have on people. Rather quickly, science established that the elderly and those with co-morbidities were most affected and should be protected. Children were least at risk.

President Trump moved rapidly to shut down flights from China, finance Pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines for prevention and assigned a 4-Star General to arrange logistics for distribution. At the same time he explored therapies that could be used to treat those who caught the virus, since implemented by Governor Ron de Santis in Florida, proving effective. For all this he was pilloried by the media, undermined by the Democrats and Dr Fauci, head of the NIAID, who had funded the gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Lab. How many lives has the Trump Derangement Syndrome cost?

Never let a crisis go to waste seemed to be the motto, as governments became ever more restrictive, without disclosing the science behind their dictates. Under ever increasing controls, people lost their jobs, businesses, irrevocable precious family moments in birth, sickness and death, educational opportunities, sport and mental health. Anti-mandate protests indicate the ordinary people have had enough of the narrative purporting to use science that is not settled.

As reported by Adam Creighton in The Australian, nine leading scientists from universities including Oxford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins have urged mandates be dumped in light of evidence they were scientifically questionable, ethically problematic and misguided”. Further, they believe that denying individuals education, livelihoods, medical care or social life unless they get vaccinated does not appear to coincide with constitutional and bioethical principles, especially in liberal democracies. Risks and harms outweigh the benefits.

Facts have trumped fear, eventually. The science has moved on. Authoritarian leaders’ penchant for lockdowns, masks, isolation, vaccination, distancing, closing churches and social venues, proven of minimal value, have passed their use by date. Still the leaders, bolstered by excitable media, cling to their authority. Fearful amongst us who have become hostile to non-compliant of different opinions, are finding it every bit as difficult to let go of divisive attitudes to others.

Fear and threat used to win compliance in COVID have dimmed reason. As Christopher Hitchens said, “You cannot reason a man out of a position that he didn’t use reason to get into in the first place”.

Rather than talk with Truckers’ Freedom convoy protesting mandates, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, under pressure from Joe Biden, and channelling his alleged father Fidel Castro, has doubled down, enacting autocratic emergency terrorism laws to target finances of the Truckers and those who donated to them. Confiscation of rigs, businesses, fines and imprisonment for those objecting to what is now disproven science. Truckers who kept the country going during the pandemic are now considered terrorist enemy. The world is not flat (although there is plenty of flat land in prairie Canada).

Follow the money: Big government, Big Corp, Big Tech and Big Pharma have all prospered during the pandemic, while small business has been driven to the wall. Watch now for the demand for annual vaccine boosters for everyone from 6 months old into perpetuity, greasing the profits of Big Pharma. Never mind that those who have recovered from the virus have stronger immunity lasting longer than any vaccination. Provisional approval only has been given to the vaccines, which does not guarantee immunity or non-transmission. All that control and hostility has been for nothing.

Climate Catastrophe Science

For 50 years we’ve been subject to an ever increasing crescendo of threat of greenhouse gas, global warming, melting Arctic ice and glaciers and now climate change morphing into catastrophe. Whatever! All failed to eventuate. You’d think we’d learn.

Again, follow the money: Investors in renewables bound for the scrap heap within the decade (the next big waste management crisis); scientists questionably pushing climate change, destruction of the Great Barrier Reef; and vilifying coal, the very commodity that has serviced our prosperity. Even the Bureau of Meteorology has been accused of fudging data to fit the global warming narrative. All have attracted inordinate streams of funding induced by fear, not only of consequences for the environment but of personal censure through the shittersphere.

Facts are beginning to emerge and people are fighting back, at some cost. We owe people like Professors Bob Carter (deceased) and Peter Ridd, sacked by James Cook University for challenging the quality of science being pumped out asserting decline of the GBR that affected the approved narrative and funding streams. The Green Shirts organisation is fighting back against slurs of farming environmental vandalism defending their right to produce. Jennifer Maharosy has meticulously researched BOM data to disclose their fudging. Former environmental activist Michael Shellenberger apologised for “for the climate scare created over the past 30 years.”

Steven Koonin’s book Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What it Doesn’t and Why it Matters, poses that the “we must do something about it or we’ll all die” approach to climate change has more in common with religion than with science. Being settled, science must not be challenged. Shades of Anthony Fauci, claiming he is science and must not be challenged. Kiss the ring!

Personal Science

Staying in charge of our own life and circumstances is not so easy when fear and threats have a major impact on our state of being: all the more reason to be responsible for ourselves.

Know your own circumstances and condition, seek out facts, consider guidelines, measure against your own knowledge and experience, and then make your own responsible decisions. Above all, respect decisions that others make which may differ from our own. Cohesiveness of friends and family will be important in a life beyond COVID and climate change.

Be aware that divisiveness is a tool of intensified control. Just look at how Justin Trudeau PM of Canada, falsely calls up Nazism, racism and pro-Trump affiliation against the Truckers. In the USA, racism is weapon with which to beat up on anyone with a different opinion. Nothing to do with the science we have been called upon to follow.

Follow your own informed science based on common sense.

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  1. Kay Fuller

    Great info Paula – you always give me so much to think about – I will have to read a few of those books you have quoted on climate change. I especially like the conclusion.

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