From a Heart’s Store

The Nobel Prize winning author and astute observer of human nature, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, believed,

“The line separating good and evil does not pass through states, classes or political parties. It passes through the human heart”.

In my blogs I try to relate how high-level policy affects us personally, as well as how our personal inclinations affect policy.

For instance, the global renewable energy crusade for ‘net zero’ pumps up our energy bills to be unaffordable at home, increasing costs of all goods produced. We get inflation.

At the same time, light is shone on individual responsibility for contributing to that policy by supporting cults, corporations, policies and political parties capitalising on the farcical hoax of catastrophic global boiling. Getting your rocks off on the heart’s store of moral passion while dealing out contempt for denialists contributes to the global groundswell that consumes resources and harms the poor. We are culpable.

 According to Martin Luther King, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

In all this, an activist media lazily fails to seek and report facts, instead promoting the narrative approved by ruling elites, usually from the left, mostly seeking destruction of western civilization.

Yet we could be enlightened by the wisdom of ancients to look to our heart’s store:

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45).

Hatred and love are both treasures of the human heart, multipliers of evil and good. We can examine our own responsibility for manifestation of these for good or bad in our own life and the broader society by looking at how we deal with hate and love personally, as well as on a global scale as depicted in prevailing global topics such as Trump, Israel, Covid and global boiling.


For all his personal failings and fragility, former President Donald Trump did a might of good in the USA and in the world. Furthermore, he did so while under constant, egregious assault by the Washington swamp, mainstream media, a DOJ weaponized by the Democratic party. TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome became part of the lexicon. Few people could have withstood such attacks to remain functioning.

TV commentator and author Mark Levin, outlines in his book Unfreedom of the Press, pages of slurs slung at Trump in the media: that he was a drunk, deranged, demented. Trump does not drink and has easily passed physical and mental tests affirming his sanity and capability. Mostly, judgement of Trump has been based on his Twitter excess to 80 million followers and failure to accept the outcome of the very questionable 2020 election.

By comparison let us examine a few of the things done by Trump, reversed by the Biden, and the impact on the USA and the world. Our view of Trump may be challenged.

Made America energy independent, filled oil reserves at low price, shoring up national security; encouraged further exploration.Diminished national security by cancelling the XL pipeline nearing completion, putting ally Canada offside; now buys oil from rogue states Venezuela and Iran; sells off some oil reserve to China, depleting stock; prevents exploration for fossil fuels in the interest of net zero fantasy.
Built the border wall; negotiated with Mexico to stand 28,000 troops on the border with USA to enforce “stay in Mexico policy”; dramatically reduced illegal immigration.Diminished national security: stopped building the wall; allowed illegal immigrants and drugs to flood over putting enormous pressure on border officers, towns and ranches; over 8 million illegal immigrants have crossed during Biden’s term; southern border now run by Mexican cartels; over 100K young Americans die in a year from fentanyl poisoning.
Showing peace through strength, maintained relationships with global rogue leaders Xi Jinping, Putin, Kim Jong Un. Put the wood on the Mullahs of Iran, cancelling Obama’s farcical nuclear deal; changed the dynamics of the Middle East by establishing the Abraham Accords, working relationships between Israel, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, with Saudi Arabia in the offing. Moved the US embassy to Jerusalem; no new wars started; no American soldiers killed.Biden’s weakness has been catastrophic for the USA and the world, emboldening global rogues: the horrendous exit from Afghanistan costing 13 soldiers their lives and 200 injured, leaving behind $84bn military assets and lives of people in danger; Putin emboldened to invade Ukraine; released $6bn frozen assets to Iran, which uses the money to fund terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah to invade Israel; US apparent weakness incentivises Xi Jinping to move on Taiwan.
Renegotiated the NAFTA agreement for more beneficial terms for US; renegotiated trade deal with China for $500bn improvement, allowing better returns to mid-west farmers for their production; tightened copyright laws to minimize China theft of IP.Maintains most of Trump’s policy, yet soft on China.
Attained the highest ever employment of blacks, Latinos and women; provided secure funding of black colleges and charter schools; enacted the First Step Act, a pathway to release for non-violent felons.Biden’s policies spiked inflation putting pressure on families, small businesses and jobs
Accepted $1/year pay as President, sending his salary to charity.Biden and his family have grown wealthy on “pay for access” from Russia, China, Ukraine, Romania, risking security of the US.

Having lost the 2020 election on electoral rules loosened for COVID and vote harvesting by tech-backed Democrats, Trump now faces a barrage of litigation on contrived offences aimed specifically at keeping him out of the 2024 presidential race. The legal system is being misused like a 3rd world country. Hatred knows neither bounds nor shame. Justice dressed up as revenge!

We would do well to reflect on whether our own opinions of Trump, fed by a fetid, prejudiced media, contributed to the global groundswell of individual hatred and the impact it has had on the current world order.    


Seething antisemitic hatred of Jews and Israel has a 3500-year history in the “promised land”, marked by invasion, exodus and return, along with many attempts at genocide of the Jews. In the 1930s Hitler’s emerging threat of extermination led many Jews previously exiled to Europe and Russia, to buy up land for settlement in what is now recognized as Israel, then controlled by Turkey, and after the war, by Britain.

Following the holocaust that cost the lives of 6 million, Jews declared never again! Determined at last to fight back, they established their own land and laws under the UN/British brokered Balfour Declaration in 1948. Arabs declared war on Israel the same day.

Jews exiled to Eastern Europe, Russia and north Africa who survived the holocaust, gravitated to their origins, joining those who had remained in Israel under Arab colonization. Jordan then controlled the West Bank and Egypt the Gaza.

In his book, The War on the West, Douglas Murray examines the work of great philosophers who find that “ressentiment” is one of the greatest drivers for people who want to destroy: blaming someone else for having something you believe you deserved more. I know from personal experience this happens often on a personal level. The term justice is used to sanctify revenge, the ultimate form of revenge being to turn happy people into unhappy people like themselves.

How true is this of the Middle East! Under the vision and drive of PM Netanyahu, Israel has made the desert bloom, to become a technology powerhouse, an attractive trading partner amongst oil rich nations of the Middle East. As living standards in Israel rose, 20K guest workers a day also prospered crossing from Gaza to work in burgeoning industry, earning higher wages and making a better living. Reason enough to destroy the people, the promise of good and potential peace with ever festering hatred in the heart of Palestinians.

Dangerous “conscientious stupidity” of ‘useful idiots’ rallying for Palestine at the Sydney Opera House commemorating Jews massacred, calling for extermination of the Jews and Israel from the river to the sea, show a level of irrational hatred in the hearts of people to whom has been extended generous hospitality of free settlement in Australia. Historical illiteracy abounds – never mind the facts. Not difficult to see from such objectionable behaviour in this country, why Israel has such a problem with the Palestinians no matter how much concession is made to them. Land for peace? No! Just Jews dead and gone from the river to the sea. Those rallying for Palestine are welcome to try their luck in Iran, the biggest sponsor of Hamas terrorism, to see how much freedom they would have there.

For entertainment our children watch videos such as Bluey at the Beach. Palestinian children are indoctrinated with hatred and death against Jews and Infidels. Small wonder the heart’s store of hatred eventually overflows in horrendous depravity experienced by 1400 peaceful Jews massacred and 220 hostages taken on 7 October.

Global boiling

The false narrative of global boiling is kept alive by the UN, WEF, State, Territory and local governments, under the guise of unattainable “net zero” ambitions, all the while failing in delivery of primary responsibilities taxpayers rightfully expect, like energy security, lights on, rates, roads and rubbish. Virtue signaling in the extreme comes at the cost of contempt for the poor who pay. Predictably the poor also are expected to stump up for the cost of destruction of landscape ecology and disposal of windmills and solar panels as they become obsolete. Solutions are yet to be found for disposing of toxic materials.

As MLK insightfully asserts, sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity rule.


It will be some time before we recover from the physical, financial and psychological harm caused by COVID. Imposition of mandates for masks, vaccinations and isolation brought out unnecessary hatred for fellow humans not seen to be doing their bit, no matter how foolish (and wrong) the edicts and controls turned out to be. Fights over toilet paper and the hording of essentials was incomprehensible, as was condemnation of others who believed differently. Differences are allowed in a free country. Police brutality against those protesting seemingly endless lockdowns, especially in Victoria, didn’t extend to Palestinian protests against Israel, threatening genocide. Occurrences such as these are indicative of an inverted justice system, protecting hatred and the accepted narrative. Never mind the law-abiding public.

Small wonder righteous haters feel affirmed in their passion, in their mindless obedience to new gods, soon to be legislated globally by WHO in their pandemic plan. Once Australia signs up, we will have no democratic health rights. Check out an explanation of what awaits us on the following link. https://youtu.be/kCoFLhDKlA4?si=RX-9NJBbziMypvWR


The antidote to hate is love. Good and evil pass through every human heart, as Solzhenitsyn said. Each of us should be mindful of our own heart’s leanings.

Love is the foundation of our being, and love is what sustains us. Our identity is derived from love. The opposite is true: hatred never stops. It takes time before ignorance and a desire for things that will not be in the best interests of the individual are all that are left. Love fights against hatred in three ways: via forgiveness, compassion, and—most importantly—by staying in love. Anushka Joshi @keverythingJ

Love of family and country inspired near 400,000 Israelis with toughness to fight for their existence. Palestinians’ hatred of the Jews is greater than love of their own children, driving them to sacrifice innocents to the cause.

Australians have become so soft. Should the need arise, maybe we could marshal a fighting force from the army of welfare dependent people.

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